Liteon pls

Hello first of all to everyone…

Now then my problem is as foillows: I tried to flash my LG 8160 DVD rom and the program i used ignored the input that i gavce it to flash the DVD drive and it has stuffed my Liteon completly dead not even recognized in the bios anymore… So i have tried to flash it back to its original firmware which i think was 5s07 but it keeps saying it cant detect the drive and it must be a drive with firmware 5s01-5s92 …pls help me someone … thanks

Have you tried the mtkflash thread?

If you can’t get mtkflash to work (it really should), let me know.

If you can’t get mtkflash to work (it really should), let me know

Is there another way?
Modify the acceptable version range :slight_smile:

That would call for using a Hex editor…

BTW, Microsoft’s VC++ would cost more than the drive you are trying to flash!!!

Try Hackman, Hex Workshop and others.

I know!!! That’s what it says! :smiley:

Post editor! Yeah, I didn’t say they had to use MSVC++.

Well i woulkd just like to say thanks to you guys i tried once more out of desperation and this time installed my drive on IDE 1 as master and the flash worked using MTKFLASH>… i couldnt believe it…

Thanks once again