Liteon 24102b green light remains on

My burner has been running faultlessly for 1year. However with win98se shutdown but power still supplied to the power supply I unplugged the power lead to the burner, after replugging power lead to burner and restarting windows the geen light on the burner stayed constant green rather than flashing several times as usual. This leads to nonrecognition of the burner in windows.

I had this problem once before after the power was interuppted (with windows shutdown) but can’t remember how I fixed it. I have tried starting windows with the IDE cable diconnected…the light stays green… tried starting with the power off and IDE connected… still stays green…disconected both IDE and power, restarted, shutdown then connect power and IDE… still stays green.

I have gigabyte ga6bxc board and 700 celeron CPU. Any ideas on rectifying the problem would be greatly appreciated. This has happened before when I moved the computer to another house eg interuption of power.

Recent successful backups are MOHAA, Ghost Recon, and Commanche 4…perfect backups

Love the forum, thanks OC

Funny I’ve not had this problem before…I’ve seen many problems, tray won’t close and such…but not this.

Is there a disc in the tray? Could you open the tray? If there is a disc in the tray and you can’t open it, use the manual eject function and remove the disc.

Try to move it around a bit, try is as secondary master secondary slave, primary slave…still the same problem?

always been master on secodary ide with no other cd in tray ,working perfectly yesterday no other changes until i diconected power and restarted. will try on other ide tomorrow and let you know. it was working perfectly even today unplug power replug restart window and green light stays green no four or five flashes as usual .windows finds hdd, cdrom on slave primary looks on master secondary for some time finds nothing then moves on to slve secondary ide.

thanks for your reply

leave burner unconnected both power and ide for some time then reconnect all works fine. with windows shutdown power supply still has .042volts on yellow wire and .734volts on red wire.last firmware update mentions this very thing, i havent any probs with tray at all but i think it is related, will keep you posted.

Try to disconnect the power from the computer for a while and then connect the writer when it have been disconnected from the power for a while…do it work now?

I have had this problems many times. It often happens for some reason when I have had my burner unplugged .

The solution is rather simple but at the same time irritating.

I disconnect my burner and plug the power cord from another pc (and only the power cord), into my burner. Then boot up the other pc, and your burner should be good to go again. Shut down - disconnect, and put your burner back into your own pc. Now it should work again.

I haven’t found out why it helps to give your burner power from another pc, but it works everytime for me. It is just a bit annoying because I only have one pc, so I have to take a drive to my friends when it happens.

Hope this will help you out…