Liteon 24102b Firmware slowdown

Just got a Liteon 24102b wow great drive reads the bad sectors on SD2 protected CD’s a lot faster than my Philips 1610a does. must be the the EMF encoding the Liteon does properly.

Example :
Emporer battle for dune SD2 protected
Time taken to read image file to disk with CloneCD

Philips 1610a : 1hr 41min
Liteon 16102b : 5mins 11sec

But when i upgraded the firmware on the Liteon from
5s07 to 5s54 the same read took over 7mins. Has anyone done any testing to see which firmware ver is best to use.

its not really a big difference frmo 5 min to 7 min

This is true… Could be that 5s54 is the better version even though its slower.


Yup, same here 5S0J and 5S54 gave slower read times in CloneCD with SD and SD2.

But the write quality with 5S54 better, smaller gaps when shifting zones and things like that, better media compatibility. Though some CD-R disc brands are now written at slower speeds…but better to wait a few seconds more and get a working CD than save the few seconds and get a CD that doesn’t work…

:confused: My fast error skip is disabled in CloneCD. You guys have the same problems? CloneCD says Fast Error Skip is not supported by the LiteOn LTR-24102B. This is rediculous because just the other day I used Fast Error Skip and everything worked perfectly. After I updated CloneCD to the very latest version, it says it doesn’t support Fast Error Skip. I tried to update to the latest Firmware and that was also no help. Im lost not, still make working copies I hope…Does the latest firmware do this to the burner or is it the newest copy of CloneCD…


I guess this is the message you get:

W 09:03:40 LITE-ON LTR-24102B does not support current Fast Error Skip settings!
W 09:03:40 Changed error correction mode to Hardware Error Correction.

This is normal since CloneCD is default set to software error correction and Lite-on doesn’t support software error correction, then you get this warning message and the Fast error skip settings is switched to Hardware Error Correction, which the lite-on supports(and fast! :)).

It’s nothing to worry about, it’s the same for most drives! But some is pre-set to Hardware Error Correction by Olli(like all Toshiba drives, they also doesn’t support software error correction, but you don’t get this error message as they are set to hardware error correction as default by Olli).

Hi Guys …

I have just bought a brand new LTR-24102B with Firmware 5S0D. I wasnt aware that you could even u/g the firmware on this burner (given that its so cheap!) … anyway my question is this:-

My burner (as it is) is working 100% … its made backup copies of simply everything I have thrown at it (inc SD2 CD’s) … so whats the real benefit of upgrading the firmware to 5s54?

I was brought up with the “if it aint broke … dont fix it” philosophy!

Thanks in advance for any help / tips :slight_smile:

The only real difference I’ve noticed is:

It seems better when reading scratched discs, subchannel data reading may be more accurate.

Sometimes with firmware below 5S54 you could get a click in music disc every time the writer shifts zone. Which means 2 clicks, one at around 6 min and one around 14 min. Guess Lite-on did a misteke there in the first place, anyway this seems to be fixed with version 5S54.

Thanks OC …

One more thing … is it straight forward to upgrade the Firmware?? Any tips or stuff I should know?

Thanxs :slight_smile:

Pretty straight forward.

Make sure that there is no discs in the drive, then run the upgrade file.

If you get any problems disable DMA for the drive and try again after a reboot. Then enable DMA again…

Thanx 4 that … done the upgrade OK! :slight_smile: