LiteOn 24102B doesn't read CloneCD-CDs

My new LiteOn 24102B(5S54) doesn’t read any audio or data cds, that I burned with my old Philips 804K(2.5) using CloneCD. But the discs can be read in any other player/CD-ROM-drive/burner, I tried.

thanx for help

This happens with ALL CD’s?

Try to backup the same games with the lite-on, do they still not work?

Have you tried with “Hide CD-R media” activated?

It has nothing to do with “Hide CD-R media.” The burner is unable to recognize even unprotected CDs.
The burner opens CD-Rs burned by its own.

Funny thing, this has never happened to me.

-Is DMA enabled for the drive?
-Do you have the newest adaptec aspi layer installed?
-Are you using Win XP? I’ve seen this problem in win XP a few times, brobably a bug. If so have you tried to grab the newest updates from windowsupdate?

It is undependable from the DMA-option.
I have the newest ASPI drivers.
And I’m using Win98SE.