LiteOn 24102B Doesn't Like Promise Onboard Raid

The Motherboard I Am Using is the A7V133 with the 686B southbridge.
I also has a soundblaster installed.
Firmware 5S0F as 5S07 would not backup SD2 protected eRacer.

I installed My LiteOn 24102B on the Secondary On Board Promise Raid controller with the drive being the only drive on the channel.

I noticed while burning a RW cd (backup of my data) from nero that random files would fail the Verify check… I tried 4 times.

Put the drive back to the STD ATA100 Onboard controller and all was fine… Could it be the 686B bug with the SBLive or Just Promise doesn’t like the burner???

Ideas Any 1?


It could be the Raid as it is designed to work with Hard disks for various levels of storage, especially as it works ok on your normal ide. You could check it by just removeing your soundcard and put it back on the raid and see if the errors still occur, if they do then it is probably not the Soundcard, but more likely the Raid controller.

Hope this helps a bit


Why would you want to put the CDRW on an ATA100/Raid controller?!
I own the same board but don’t use the Raid function, but my HD is connected to the same controller but is in ATA100 function. My DVD is on IDE1 and my CDRW is on IDE2 (both as master). Don’t know if it’s the ID to connect a CDRW (/DVD) drive to your ATA100/Raid controller. Couldn’t find any info about that in the manual.
But why would you? The drive won’t run any faster or something like that! :slight_smile: