Liteon 24102b and Windows XP Problems

I just upgraded to Win Xp Pro, and I am hvaing a few ‘teething’ problems:

  1. Nero won’t write cdrw faster than 4x, and it did when I was using win98se (nero version, came with burner) where it would do 10x

  2. I make a backup of Ghost Recon using clonecd while using win98se which works perfectly (although needs to hde cdr media after patched). When I try to install GR under XP the following error occurs:

An installation support file
‘c:\DOCUME~1\BELIND~1\LOCALS~1\Temp{d89ef… <more numbers and letters>…\InstallerBack.bmp’
could not be installed.

Data error (cyclic redundancy check).

I know that the copy works (have used it)…so what gives?

Also, where can I get Clony now? My old link doesn’t seem to work anymore

I had this same problem with nero xp and my 24x lite-on, but upgradeing nero to the latest version at the time fixed that issuse. as for you cd not installing the only thing that I could suggest is to make sure that you disk does not have any deep scratches in it, and if so try resurfaceing the disk with disk doctor or some other form of resurfaceing device. disk doctor tends to save me a few cents on cd-r’s that my kids tend to get their hands on.


I am currently downloading the latest nero update :slight_smile:

As for my GR cd, the surface is perfect, can’t see any scratches or marks on it at all.

WinXP/2k & protected games may be a bit trickier than w9x/me.

Grab all upgrades from windows upgrade!!

If that do not work, I recommend you to try to make a new backup(You may use a CD-RW disc in case it still fails) of the game using the new CCD 4 version.