Liteon 24102B almost dead?


I am having some very strange problems with my LiteOn 24102B drive.

I can only successfully burn at 8x (sometimes 12x)
If i try 24x then the drive starts spinning up … buffer is filled up… the status bar gets up to 4% (in Nero, but i’ve tried them all) and it just hangs there.

EVERYthing it stuck… if i for instance am playing music in the background while i start the burning at higher than 8x it goes into a endless loop (the last 1-2seconds of the song). I have to Restart the system (winxp)

I’ve tried BlindWrite, CloneCD et al. no luck

the same is if i try to read a regular CD. it’s almost impossible to read it. Windows can find the index of the files so i can view what’s on it, but it’s almost impossible to copy. The drive just spinns up, spinns down, spinns up, down, endless loop.

The drive has alot easier with reading original CDs than cd-r’s

But if i try to use CDBremse and lock the drive at 8x then i can read all cds without problems

Anyone here got an idea what might be wrong? (it’s very old so i’ve no warranty)

and would it be safe to use a cleaning kit on a cd-rw? (the cd’s with a brush on them)


It could be a dirty Lens. I’ve had a similar problem with my Samsung 8x8x32 burner. It started occasionally locking up the computer (or the drive itself) in the middle of a burning process at 8x and gave difficulties reading CD-RW discs.

I purchased a regular CD-ROM lens cleaner CD (CD with 6 brushes on it), popped it in and let it play a few times. After that, I haven’t had another CD-R fail in the drive and the drive no longer struggles reading some CD-RWs.

Great, thanks alot… i’ll buy one tomorrow

hopefully its just the lense :slight_smile: