Liteon 24102b- abit kt7 dramas

I just bought a new liteon 24102b burner, It will not burn anything in my machine, Nero says communication error.

Took burner out and tested on different pc and the burner works fine.

The machine has a abit kt7 main board, I have heard people say that there is a compatablity problem with that board.

The burner is set up as a master on my secondary ide channel, and my dvd player is set as slave.

The hard drive is on my primary ide channel.

Sys specs

duron 700
512mb ram
abit kt7 main board
liteon 24102b burner
samsung 16x dvd
samsung 13gig hdd
32mb tnt2
Win xp pro
using latest version of nero.

PLease help me as i am up shit creek.

Make sure you have the latest firmware. ( 5S5A )

Or stay away from abit crap :stuck_out_tongue:

is this a common problem.

Will this fix the problem you think, if this does not work does it mean that the burner is not compatable with the board and i should replace the board.

I have same burner with an abit kt7a mobo and don’t have any problems! Runs like a deer in the wind!!

You just have to get your settings and/or bios/firmware setup properly…good luck.

a new board of the same type will have the same problem. I suggest you first try to upgrade the firmware.

Actually I’ve not heared about that problem before, the problem is usually that the tray won’t stay closed.

It may as well be a OS/driver problem.

i am going to kill the os tomorrow anyway when my new 80gig hdd arrives.

hopefully after the fresh os install it will work.

thanks for the help

abit motherboards are and always will be a crock of shit they have major problems with liteon and other writers and they are not the most stable of boards at the moment i am running ecs k7s5a motherboard with 512mb ddr geoforce 2 64mb ti two 40gb 7200 rpm hard drives winxp pro and it is a very fast board not bad for £49 uk

                      cheers   spike

I guess it is just a matter of what you have experienced…I have never had any problems with my abit mobo.
I researched very hard before I bought this motherboard and it received very strong positive reviews…of course, today even at 1ghz, my mobo is starting to get outdated, but my comp has easily handled anything I’ve thrown at it!!!

So, good luck in getting your combo to work…you just got to get your settings right

I have to agree with spike.

Abit have always been crap for me as well so I’ve switched to MSI and Asus instead…

I had a 24102B on KR7A-RAID…one 2410 had some problems where the tray would not close and drive failed to work…got a new drive made in Sept 200 like the original with problems…the second never once had a problem…I think it was a chipset issue with the Abit boards…

My liteon 40125S O/Ced to 48125W works fine on this mobo…I really feel it is an issue with abit mobos and the 2 series chip in some drives

I disagree with the Abit performance …my KR7A-RAID is very stable and excellent o/cer…

i’ve used abit boards myself before.
These things have some major design flaws.
IDE controllers that don’t work like they should, agp slots that just refuse to allow stable and fast operation (fast writes for example)
And the famous (?) capacitor problems, where ALL abit boards that i’ve seen or have had, had problems with (all of them are now more or less RIP)

Currently i own a asus mainboard, i should have never switched (temporary) to abit, what a waste of money. :Z

My asus A7V133 was a nice board but not good for overclocking nad i had memory issue with it with HQ Mosel Vitellic ram till they did a bios fix…so I do not think any board is immune…my KR7A-RAID has been fine…very solid and stable

but it may not work with T-Bred…but the Asus A7V133 was not a reliable upgrade path for the AthlonXP…

I am not a fan or loyal to any company anymore…what works and is reliable…I will probably try another company with with my next board…I do not think the premium for Asus or even Abit is necessarily worth it…

I built my latest PC with an Abit mobo (TH7II) after reading a lot of positives on it, but I have been less than satisfied. Nothing is wrong concerning burning performance and stuff like that, but it has other flaws. For example, PCI slot #1, when used, causes a system reboot everytime rendering it unusable (ex: with a soundcard in PCI slot #1, it would restart when the 1st sound was played). Also, one of the IDE channels (don’t remember at the moment) has no DMA option (I tried more than one drive to be sure).
I’ve also read good stuff about Asus, so I’ll probably switch to them next time I need a new mobo.

I have a 24102B running on an Athlon system with an Abit KT7 Raid board, and have never had a moment’s problem with it. It stays on around 14 hours a day on Win 98SE, and is the most stable configuration I’ve experienced.

Just thought I’d throw in a positive comment re Abit boards!

Well we just tried to get this burner to work again, system now has a branf new 80gig hdd and a clean install of windows xp pro.

burner still gets comunnication error.

Just about to upgrade firmware.

Will let all know wether it works. This is the last straw if this does not work burner will have to go into his second machine. What a drama this is.