LiteOn 2410 not reading any disc


I know that there’re a lot of post similar to this but it could be totally a different bug.

I just got a cendyne rebadged verbatim rebadged liteon 24X cdrw (verbatim label on liteon’s). Win2kSP1 recognized it, no on-boot-ejection problem. However, when I insert a pressed CD, it tries to read it then ejects it. If I put in a burnt CDR or a DirectCD disc, it’ll keep it in but not seen in explorer (ie, as if there is no CD in drive).

I’ve tried the unplug and replug tricks but still no go. The bios at cendyne website is for liteon drive but since the firmware on mine is verbatim, it won’t flash. Can’t find any on verbatim site. Might be compatibility issue with m/b.

Anyone has exactly the same problem? Got a solution? A hacked firmware?


Cel 566@900 Abit BE6-II 300W PS Win2kSP1
cdrw on secondary udma33 master (no slave)

Is aspi installed on you win 2k?And what burning programs are installed,besides directcd?

Hi Roadworker

Thanks for your reply. ASPI ver 4.57(1008). GOt nero 556 and clonecd (newest). Both programs recognize the drive. Haven’t try burning (with blank disc) yet cos drive can’t read any (non-blank) disc.


Your aspi needs an update…you should have this aspi:4.60(1021) 10/99

1: Update the bios of your mainboard. use this one if you have the 1.0 or 1.1 version of the be 6-2
2: Make sure that you did not connect the writer to that highpoint extra IDE controller.
3: Turn back your overclock just to se if that helps, if it don’t helps…you may turn it back to your oc’ed value again.

4: It’s possible to flash the drive to a Lite-on with a DOS flasher that I’ve, contact me if you want it. But this woids your warranty, so I won’t recommend it.

Hi roadworker

Gave up and disconnected it, then I read your reply, so I decided to try again. Got Nero’s lastest which is 2.something. Shut it down, plug it in, and it works like it should. But since the drive is still outside the case, I decided to power down and put it back in. Followed exactly the way I did before but now it doesn’t read again. At least I know the drive is ok. Try all sorts again, both in and outside case still no luck. Since I have a dual-boot (98SE), so I try booting into 98, same problem. Most likely a hardware/firmware/bios problem.

Hi OC-freak

I’ve go the newest official bios (1.25), will try the 1.28. Just in case that didn’t work, can you send me the DOS flasher? Either email or PM will do.


The Nero aspi isn’t the right 1…you should use ForceAspi,way better…And install SP2 for your win2k…besides the usual bugs,that 1 solved a few multimedia problems in win2k too…

Take a look here. :wink:

the forums are full of compatibility problems with abit boards and the 24102b. i’m curious to see if the new firmware helps that problem.