Liteon 24/10/40

I purchased the mentioned writer then downloaded the latest firmware for it then used the downloaded exe. file to update the firmware.
All went well and it said that the firmware was updated okay so I rebooted the pc but it still has the original firmware installed so I did the whole thing again but still no luck.
Do you have any ideas why it says it is flashing okay but it isn’t?
I am using Windows XP Pro.
I purchased a 40-12-5W today as the shop was having a special so I could not help myself.
Any info would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Check out the Liteon forum. Another person had discussed a problem similar to yours.

With reference to the 40125w first thing to do is go to the liteon forum as they have loads of usefull information. I overclocked my 40125w to 48125w with no problems due to their help. If you need more info on the overclock let me know.

Good Luck…:slight_smile: