LiteOn 24/10/40 read CD`s?

hi all,

i have a LiteOn 24/10/40 with the last Firmware.
one Question !!! ?? can i read CDs with CloneCd ?? my Problem is that when i use Errors fast skip and i use Errorcorection "Software" Clone change it back to "Hardware" ?? Cant I use the LiteOn to read CD`s with SaveDisk2 Protektion ??? :confused:

Sure … No problem there !

but what is wrong at my Prefs. ?? That i cant read ?!? please Help me !!:frowning: :confused: :Z

What prefs. ?

meaning : Does CloneCD give an error or does the copy not work or what ?

when i will read a CD (SD2 or …) then i have to change defect Sector fast skip " SOFTWARE " not Hardware !! But when i start the reading it change it self to “Hardware” so the Copy not works.
Clone dosent give an Error only an Warning :
Lite-on LTR-24102B dosent support “defect Sektor fast skip on Software” it will be Hardware Error correct used ?!

thats the Info from CloneCD Lite-On:

Geräte Eigenschaften:
Hersteller: LITE-ON
Produkt: LTR-24102B
Revision: 5S54
Kann CD-R read: yes
Kann CD-RW read: yes
Kann DVD read: no
Kann MultiSession CD reaad: yes
Kann Digitale Audio Daten read: yes
Digitale Audio Daten sind akkurat: yes
Kann CD-R write: yes
Kann CD-RW write / erase: yes
Kompatibel with CloneCD RAW-DAO: yes
Kompatibel with CloneCD RAW-DAO Simulation: yes
Kann CD+G write (RAW-DAO): yes
Kompatibel with CloneCD RAW-SAO: yes
Kompatibel with CloneCD RAW-SAO Simulation: yes
Unterstützt Burn Proof / Just Link: yes

a frind give me an Image from CloneCd to write (SD2) thats ok no problem but i cant read some CD`s on that i need “defect Sektor fast skip on Software”:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

The Fast Error Skip is just a way to speed up reading with SafeDisc (2) protected games. It doesn’t matter if you use hardware or software correction. Just don’t select none… Keep in mind that you might be trying to copy a game with so-called ATIP protection so the back-up might not work from a CD-writer. If you want to play the back-up from a writer enable the Hide CDR Media option.


Thanks !!!
I understand it so !?! If i try to copy a SD2 it is not nersy read it “The Fast Error Skip with the Option SOFTWARE”
I will test it !! I give here Feedback next Time !!
Thank u !!

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The setting Fast Error Skip with software is the setting for trying to change CD-rewriter hardware error handling settings. The problem is that it seems only Plextor drives support this feature fully of setting to software and error correction to none. This allows the drive to read most unreadable sectors. Other drives support Fast Error Skip but only partially, i.e. allowing only error read retry count to be lowered - thus reading is faster.

It doesn’t matter anyway - whether hardware or software, if a sector is unreadable CloneCD will substitute the sector with a made up unreadable one.

The LiteOn does not support changing of any hardware error handling settings. But CloneCD will in addition do some read retry it-self for undreadable sectors - increasing the time to read protected CDs. So turning this option on will disable it - thus faster reading time.

If you use the recommanded read options for safedisc 2,your drive needs almost an hour to complete the read!It’s as HWEICO says,these settings give you a lot of trouble,because clonecd changes it back automaticly…
However,if you tick fast error skip,read retries “0” and error correction"none",your read is done in 10-12 minutes,and when writing the image,made with these settings,you have a working copy!

Can I make something clear, CloneCD does not automatically change the setting back. The setting couldn’t be set in the first place. The description in the log about changing back to hardware error correction setting is wrong. It should really say:“Cannot change drive to software error correction mode, drive is still set in hardware error correction mode.”

I am a programmer and I have written my own CD reading software to test this CD writer command setting - the LiteOn does not respond (support) the disabling of hardware error correction command.

If the LiteOn doesn’t support the disabling of the hardware correction command,why can I set the correction to"none" and keep this setting while the drive is reading???With this setting,my drive reads an sd2 game in 10-12 min.
If I use the "hardware "setting,my drive needs an hour to complete the read of an sd2 game…
Did you try your program with all different firmwares available,or with your original firmware only???

You can keep error correction set to none, because this option also applies to CloneCD itself (not hardware) doing some read retries itself, i.e. in software. Reading will take less time - because CloneCD will not try to issue another read command to read the sector again for a corrupted sector, while this option is on none.

In other words this setting is actually 2 options in 1 - applying to hardware and CloneCD itself. The hardware disabling part does not work for LiteOn, but it will always be allowed to set because it’s also for CloneCD itself. For the LiteOn (except old firmware) the excessive time taken is actually due to CloneCD trying to read a corrupted sector more than once.