LiteOn 24/10/40 or Plextor 16/10/40

Ok heres the point i have no idea what the capacities are of liteon and i dont know if the brand is decent … but i have found these 2 writers … the 16 of plextor is even more expensive then the 24 of liteon … wich one would you suggest

Hands down get the Lite On24x. It is faster and has better features than any 16x and is as good or better the the Plex 24x. It is also $70 less!! check out or go to like I did. For further research - go to

I agree the lite On is better than a 16x plex but a 24x plex with flashed firmware v1.01 beats it hands down :smiley:

If I had the choice of the Lite-On 24x or the Plex 16x, as posted before, Lite-On the best for the money… BTW I have the Plex 24x…


I own the Lite-on 24 speed and I am very happy with it :smiley:
So my advise is buy the Lite-on!!

But be carefull! I’ve been told there are two versions of this drive.
The 24102B and another one. (I don’t know the number)
You must have the 24102b, because only this one can copy the SD2 protection.

I’am not sure of this is true b.t.w.


More info can be found in some other threads

Buy the Liteon. The Plex isn’t worth the extra cash since you only use it for about one year before you want an even faster drive!