Liteon 20a4p power calibration error on 1st cd burn attempt ever

I’ve been using my 20a4p to burn dvd’s for a couple months now. it’s been flawless with taiyo yuden media. quality scans looks near perfection. today i burned a cd-r for the first time ever and it gave me a power calibration error. i used a maxell pro cd-r which is really taiyo yuden and nero. i’ve never gotten this error before ever in my life. i’m going to burn a few cd-r’s with it right now to see if it happens again. if it does, could it be possible this drive burns only dvd’s well?

Ok, I just burned one more at 24x and it completed the burn. I scanned it and it had max. jitter of 14% and avg. jitter of 9.75%. That’s horrible. I burned the a disc from the same batch on my Benq 1655 @ 32x and it had max. jitter 10% and avg. jitter 8%. I burned another on my samsung 203b @24x and it had max and avg. jitter at only 7%. I think my liteon can’t burn cd-r’s. Is that possible for a drive to be great at dvd burning, but stink at cd burning? So weird. Also, I don’t know what’s a good max. pie for cd-r burns. Is anything less than 20 max. pie good? Or should it be less than 10? I scanned at max. speed too. What speed should I scan cd-r’s at? I’ll post the samsung 203b scan. If anyone can answer my questions, I’ll be most grateful. Thanks.