LiteOn 20A4H. 05C or not 06C?

[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On DH-20A4H. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Kind time of days! There was a question about drive LiteOn. Exist such drive as LiteOn DH-20A4H. On a drive underside where the model is specified is written: DH-20A4H05C or DH-20A4H06C. Help to understand please what difference of models 05C and 06C. It concerns not only the given model! Help please!:sad:

05C: bulk, beige
06C: bulk, black

[QUOTE=chok0;2166297]05C: bulk, beige
06C: bulk, black[/QUOTE]

The matter is that I have bought 06C, it white in front, a tray of a drive the black. Has gone to buy the second, it same white, only 05С. I can that have misunderstood? I from Belarusii also translate answers into Russian!

Please, answer, help!

as far as i know, every Lite-On drive has a black tray.

I don’t know about the current models, but they did have white trays available on the A1 series.

My 20A1H has a white (well, beige :p) tray. :iagree:

My 20A4H came with a black face and biege cover that I can switch out with. I think mine as -08 or something link that.

Many thanks for the help! And me could not change the panel simply? All firms has travelled. ( 05C - white, 06C - black and to do nothing ( It is necessary to buy two drives, white and black and to do from two one - to steam to the second!

Yes, the tray bezel and faceplate can be changed assuming you have the correct parts to fit. Parts can vary from one model to another, e.g. 5S/6S drive bezels may not fit on A1/A4 series.

What I know when I purchased my 20A4H from newegg it came with a black case and front but included a beige front to change if I wanted change it out plus a tool to push the tray open if it gets stuck.

Once again many thanks for answers!
I seem all have understood, on panel latches small scratches, most likely a drive initially are visible was with replaceable panels, and to me have sold it as white OEM a variant!
As to me now to make absolutely identical two drives…( It is necessary to buy two and to do from two one!!!

If you want the replaceable faceplates/bezels, then you should buy retail box and not OEM bare drive.

It is possible and so, the truth at us in mogilev them practically does not happen. I have ordered one 05C, another 06C!