LiteOn 20A1S-10C Cabling issues

Hi all - I am a newbie to posting here - have been reading for ages -
have a Dell Dimension 3100C (shite) and attempting to replace the existing DVD RW. I have 2 SATA connectors on the mobo… and bought a non-retail version of the Liteon model above. ripped the box open and realized that the cables onboard won’t work with the new drive! So here’s my question - and it’ll be a layup for y’all… I can see buying a new SATA cable - but what about the power cable - how will I connect it to the Dell?
Thanks for any and all help and be gentle and kind will ya? I am on the edge here.

Hi (& don’t worry, you’re in good hands here :slight_smile: )

Google for “molex to sata” images and you’ll see what you need.

The SATA ports need to be enabled in your computer’s BIOS or Setup as well for the drive to work.

thanks so much for your help. Hopefully, I can get what I need and get rid of the dell drive… thanks again!

You will need something like this right here 4-Pin PC power to SATA Converter if your Dell
doesn’t have SATA power cable(s) already. You should be able to pick one up at just about
any electronics store like Radio Shack, Frys, local computer store, etc., etc. :wink: :iagree:

all done thanks for the help y’all!