LiteOn 20A1P or LG H42N or keep my Pioneer 111L?

I’ve just found that the Egyptian market is full of LiteOn 20A1P and LG H42N with very good prices (220 EP , 38.5 U$) for retail drives , I bought one LiteOn and am trying it right now for burning and scanning and it seems fine with no noise or vibration (although I’ve yet to try 20X or 18X burning) .
A friend of mine wants a burner and I could give him that or get him an LG .

I have one question : which is the best all around burner from these three ?

I am also confused about which scanning speed is recommended for the Lity 4X or 8X ?

I own both of these and this is just my personal opinion. While Liteon has excellent firmware support here on CDF and the drive is a great reader, I don not like the long leadin times of the firmwares. On the other hand the LG H42N is only an 18X times writer the orginal firmware is excellent. Burning at 20X and burning at 18X there is only a minimal difference in the speed at best. At this point I like the LG better.

Thank you very much for the reply alan .

I’ve also noticed the ~ 60 seconds lead-in time :a

But scanning capability is awesome although I don’t know which scanning speed is recommended .

Re: LiteOn 20A1P or LG H42N or keep my Pioneer 111L ???

:disagree: None of the above.

The correct answer would be all three!!! :iagree: :bigsmile:

I was just going to mention that :wink:


1x for special purposes (super-accurate!)
4x for accurate, non-“wavy” jitter scanning.
8x for everyday scanning :slight_smile:
16x for everyday scanning too :wink:

Select 8x or 16x depending on your mood. 1x and 4x are reserved for special purposes. :slight_smile:

If he is only gonna have the one drive I suggest the LiteOn. LG’s, although I don’t know about all the models, when ripping a DVD with DVD Decrypter will slow down and need the tray cycled to speed back up when ripping protected cells.

One drive. Only one drive…
Would life be worth living?

I like all of them. That’s why I got the new case about three months ago. From the top, H42N, 111D, 112L and 20A1H.

Hehehe :bigsmile:

If only one drive is an option, I’d pick the Litey. :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your suggestions and replies .
I only like to have 2 great drives instead of 5 so and so drives , and I already have the “great” Benq 1640 (which by far is the closest to my heart).
I like the burn quality and speed of LG H42N (from reviews)
I like the scanning and tweaking aspects of the lity
I like the burning quality of the Pioneer 111L and the LF capability

I only have room for 2 drives :frowning:

So , I need “the best” all around drive of these 3 :slight_smile:

Here is some tests done with the Lity :

Very nice scans minaelromany! :clap: This is going to be very tough to pick one indeed. :iagree:

If I were in your shoes having to restrict myself to only two drives, one of them being a BenQ DW1640 and the other chosen between the three drives mentioned, I’d choose the LiteOn drive because of it’s superior DVD scanning capabilities, reading speed and obviously good writing quality judging by your scans.

That’s my 2 (Euro)cents worth. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Unless CD-R writing quality is of the utmost importance, but you haven’t mentioned that or shown us any CD-R scans.

Like i said i’d keep them all.

I have one screw to take the side off my case and just 2 screws to hold the drive in place. So i can switch out a drive in nothing flat.

Keep all 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve stopped writing CD-Rs long time ago :stuck_out_tongue:

At least I have the Benq 1640 for casual CD Writing for my MP3-CD “ancient” player.

You are right though about getting more than one drive beside the 1640 because prices are very tempting and I can always swap drives , so I guess I am gonna get the LG H42N too after further “playing” with the Lity and dumb Pio 111L because it has become rather old :bigsmile:

EDIT : I may have a surprise for you in a couple of minutes :wink:

Here is the surprise :
I’ve just burnt DAXON AZ3 16X media @8X (Lity supports it to 18X :eek: ) and here is the scan :

Nice jitter. Nice burn.

Yeah it’s going to be a hard to decide.