Liteon 20A1P cd write speed issue


 I went through the box of old dvd-rw units i still have and found this 20a1p. It was the second dvd-rw i have bought (the first was a LG H55L which did not want to write to any dual layer disc). I have tested it and apart the sticky tray i have noticed that all cd's i burn only burn at 16x, regardless of the speed i choose.  Dvd's burn fine. I have dissasembled and cleaned it, but the problem remains. Is this a weak laser symptom?

Did it ever speed up? Sounds a bit like buffer-problem but it should happen often on DVD. Need it much time for LeadIn? I had several LiteOn-drives which need a long LeadIn time and after that the writing speed was the lowest it supported, 4x for DVD and 16x for CD. Happened also if connected to problematic SATA/PATA-controllers.

Can it read CD-R at full speed? Should not work with a weak laserhead.

Yes, it reads at full speed both cd’s and dvd’s.
The only problem is that fact that all cd brands are written at 16x.
At the start of the recording it speeds up as it would write at 48x and then speeds down at 16x and that’s the speed it will write at. Leadin time is short.
This drive is connected to a Marvell 9128 Pci-e controller which works fine with other drives on both ata and sata.
Is this controller known to have any compatibility issues?

I had some probs with this controller and some mainboards like very slow booting. But can´t remember other problems.

some controllers like JMB have serious problems if more than one drive are writing data, a test burn of me lead to writing speed with DVD was slower than 1x

But if the speed is OK at writing DVD it should not cause a write-speed-issue, 8x DVD-writing is faster than 48x CD-writing.

Have you ever tried a burn-simulation at full speed?

Not yet, but i will and let you know.
Thank you for your input.

I have run a simulation and it ran fine at 48x.
After that i tried actually writing the disc and it was written at 48x.
I have also installed the Marvell Magni driver that came with the card but the next disc came up on 16x again.
I believe this to be a compatibility problem between this card and this burner. Maybe i will try to flash the card with the latest firmware at some point.
Thank you again for all your help and ideas.

Still not sure if you can burn DVD at higher speed.

But it´s worth a try.

In my experience the best PATA-adapters are PCI-cards with Sil0680-chipset.

A late reply here. The issue was caused by the partial incompatibility of the drive with the Marvel 91xx controller.
I have moved it to another system which has a Via controller and there it burned fine 3 discs in a row at full speed.

Nice :smiley:

Is it a native onboard-port or a additional PCI(e)-card?

You mean the Via one?
This one is integrated on the mainboard.

OK, this could work.

I remember some bad experiences with Via-IDE-controllers in the beginning of my burner-career because of the Via-drivers. Mostly the Via only work good with MS-drivers.

But Via SATA is the worst crap I remember, especially with SATA2-drives

True. Back then Via controller + sata devices = fail.
I also view Via controllers as poor but this one actually works fine, except the fact that you can not boot from it.