LiteOn 20A1P and TYG03@20X



This is an excellent combination , I’ve never seen scans like these before with any of my drives with the same media at any speed.

I just don’t know why sometimes the actual burn speed is 6X or 12X although 20X was selected . I’ve been very worried about high speed burning making less quality burns but not after this .

What do you think guys ? Is my unit that great (December 2006) , my batch of TYG03 is amazing GH000157 ? or m I just lucky ? :bigsmile:

You can check other scans here

Should I get more of these Panasonic TYG03 ? :wink:


Those are all burned @ 20x??? If so, that’s amazing.

Care to do a high speed PIE/PIF scan @ 16x to see if the media also holds up well at this speed?


Yes you should. Do it soon. The newer Panasonic -R 16x discs are made in India.


Scans might look amazing, but there is no proof of posted scans representing discs burned at 20x.

Compare to [I]minaelromany’s[/I] other burns “@20xhere and here .

BTW, only a full disc (min 4480MB) should be considered regarding burn quality.
Seems to be great media though, curious how these discs burn in BenQ. :wink:


The above disc was burnt @20X with Nero Express , that’s why the burning speed is not shown but I am sure it was 20X simply because it took 4:52 min

Here is some scans of another disc (not 4480MB but close) . I don’t know the reason for the spike in Lity’s scan but every thing looks fantastic even the TRT
I will try the Benq’s burns soon