LiteOn 20A1H Problems

I’ve had my LiteOn for 2 months now and at first I got good burns with the drive. Now I just keep getting these errors. The drive can not verify the integrity of the data on the DVD-R to the hard drive disk using Nero 7 no matter what media I use. While the score of the media looks ok I’m worried about the data being stored on the discs. Any ideas or suggestions would be great. Tried all the the firmwares available, including the FB-EOS by codeking. Flashed it back to the latest official LiteOn LL06. Gives same error now no matter what disk or firmwares I use.

Are you burning DVD Video and do you have AnyDVD installed? Then try turning off AnyDVD before burning.

Are you overclocking your PC? Try disabling the overclocking.

Try burning an ISO/NRG image with ImgBurn (freeware) and see if the verify function in ImgBurn also says that the source and copy are different.

If ImgBurn verification also fails, try replacing the IDE cable to your drive with another 80-wire cable.