Liteon "1S41" question

i buy this drive thinking that that name was a typo in the web(i try to buy a 411s), but nero infotool say that is a 1s41 and the firmware update utility does too. how can i change the firmware manualy?

the drive if very short and its firmware is fsg1

1S41 is a OEM version of Lite-On LDW-411S

If you have a bin file from Lite-On LDW-411S you can convert it to the Retail again. Use MTKFLASH.EXE version 1.8


thanks Dyzan
where can i get the bin file


Get it here. But remember! Do it at your own risk! Follow the instructions carefully! Remember allso to flash in REAL DOS! Not under Windows XP… You can do a Bot diskett i Windows XP thought… But you need three 1.44 MB disketts… 1 to boot from and 1 to put backup on. and the third to put the new firmware on with mtkflash.exe Good Luck!

Remember to do a backup of the old firmware first.

Send me the copy of the 1S41 file please, I lost my’n

When you have change firmware to FS07, go to and download the lastest firmware to get the best results.


thank you very much, but after i post my previous reply say to myself “come on don´t be lazzy” and i did a google search to find some information. now i have a 411s and i dont have my previous firmware because i updated it without the flopy(because i don´t have flopy drive)

so thank you very much and sorry

No problem.

O well, I may get that firmware, some day :wink:


I have FSG1 on my site.

Thanks! dhc014