Liteon 18x?

is Liteon comming out with an 18x or maybe a 20x burner i want to replace my 1633@1653 16x burner but not with another 16x burner. Anybody hear anything??


See here

Almost seems a bit strange to have 18x burners on the market, when I don’t see many 16x burners doing an excellent job burning 16x media at a true 16x, as they seem to falter either on jitter, PIE, PIF or even give dreaded POF in a few cases. Speed is great, but if the media can’t handle a burn that fast or current generation burners don’t handle 16x well universally… seems hasty to me to come out with 18x burners IMO.

I completelly agree with [B]Quema34[/B].

NewEgg has the LH-18A1P-185 in stock for $30.99 plus shipping. They will probably offer free shipping soon, but for a limited time only.

Product link

Brand: LITE-ON
Type: DVD Burner
Model: LH-18A1P-185

DVD-ROM Access Time: 160ms
CD-ROM Access Time: 160ms

WRITE Speeds:
DVD+R: 18X
DVD-R: 18X
CD-R: 48X
CD-RW: 32X

READ Speeds:
CD-ROM : 48X

Form Factor:5"

Panel Color: Black

Load Type: Tray

Interface: IDE

Operating Systems Supported: Microsoft Windows 98SE / 2000 / ME / XP

System Requirements: Pentium 4 1.3 GHz or faster CPU and 128MB or higher RAM are required

650MB HDD available capacity and 9GB free space for creating a DVD image file

I was just going to post that :slight_smile:

Nice find!

NewEgg should add a free shipping offer in the next few days (or maybe even sooner). They’ve done this for the Samsung, Optiarc and LG 18X burners when they started to stock them over the last couple of months.

Looks as if it’s available only in black at the Egg. sigh <sigh> Seems we old beigers are being discriminated against as usual. :sad:</sigh>

Hehe I actually drew straws when I bought my last case, Black or Beige.

Ended up getting Black.

Well I didn’t wait for the possible free shipping, I bought one.

I wonder if it is going to have a Mediatek chip?

I hope it has a lot of BenQ influence in the design. If so, I’ll buy but might wait for the LightScribe model, 18A1H.

This sounds like something from BenQ:
Introducing Smart-Writeâ„¢ - Self-learning technology ensuring best writing quality with all media.

This thread says it’s the same Mediatek chipset as the Samsung S182’s

I, and I think many other people would agree with Quema34 & engine, that 18X with current firmware and media probably won’t deliver stellar-quality discs compared to burning at lower speeds. :clap: I do the majority of my burns at 12X, despite the drives ability to burn at 16X.
What I think everyone is hoping for is that the LiteOn/BenQ merger will finally result in a drive that combines the best features of the LiteOn line with the best features of the BenQ line to produce a burner/scanning drive that will make LiteOn’s competitors sweat bullets. (but that remains to be seen.)
I am in line to buy–if it ever gets imported here. :cool:

When you get it, let us know if it looks like this…

…or like this half-Lite-On-half-BenQ hybrid.

Not out in the US yet then? I don’t see it on the US product page.

Should be here Thursday or Friday, I will post some pics when I get it.

They have smaller pics up on newegg now but I don’t know how accurate they are.

edit: if you look real close the top looks like the 2nd pic you posted.

From the newegg pics also, it’s a classic LiteOn chassis (front & back) with a BenQ cover (top).

Cressida…It’s hard to tell but that’s what I though.

Should be interesting to see the results, I can’t wait :slight_smile:

Just installed my new drive:

LITE-ON LH-18A1P-185 Manufacture Date : Sept. 2006

Burns to follow:

Scans posted here, more to come…