Liteon 18H won't burn to DVD+R?



Hi Guys, my new Liteon 18H won’t burn to DVD+R disks. Neither will my BenQ 1655. The are simply ignored. I have checked both drives with Nero info tool and all the info comes up about the disks but, will not burn to them. Would this be a software issue rather than hardware? I bought the DVR+ for my Sony stand-a-lone recorder and I just thought I would try them on the PC.




What mediacode do the dvd+r have.

I would say a software issue.


Sorry jbv, what exactly is a media code?



I guess that’s the MID (Manufacturer’s ID). To find it you need to look at the disk with a program like CDspeed.

If you have any software installed that enables you to copy copy-protected disks, like AnyDVD, that could be your problem.


Thank you Steve. I do have DVD43 installed. Could this be a problem too?

Can you not copy movies to DVDR+R discs?



I don’t know. I’ve never used any of these programs, but some of these programs can cause trouble if they aren’t configured properly.

Like jbv said, it sounds like software or maybe you got some bad discs.


i am not too keen on a lot of this. but if they same media is not being burned in two different burners. then i say the same as the others, either it is the media or the software. and if you are using more than one app to try to burn with, then it might be the media somehow.


My discs are Sony DVD+Rx16, they are not cheapos.

Anyway guys, thanks for all your help.




It looks as if may have been the media after all! In desperation I took a DVD+R disc from the middle of the 50 spindle pack and it worked! I have a few duff discs, lol.

Thank you all once again.