LiteOn 18A1P/18A1H/20A1P/20A1H FastBurn & Enhanced OverSpeed (Sneak Peek)



If you’re like me you would have been disappointed when you found out that these drive use the slower RPM for 8x and 12x burning. So my first patch for these drives will be to increase the burn RPM for 8x and 12x.

Here’s the first 8x burn, which was junk media I use for testing, so I won’t show you the quality scan because at any RPM it’s always terrible, and the first 12x burn. Unfortunately the 12x burn still needs some work on the start speed but the result is promising and quite an amazing burn. From 2.2GB, it’s as it should be.

Hopefully it won’t take too much to fix. Stay tuned to this thread for more updates…


that’s a weird 12x curve. 8x one looking great. too bad you can’t do anything bout the leadin problem


First full 12x FastBurn of this media. :slight_smile: Check out the burn time 6:13. :eek: No sign of any resonance problems at all with my drive and this media. Might not have to notch out any RPMs at all, which means super fast burns. :smiley:


Well done C0deKing - you only got the drive the other day! And fantastic burn quality with the first ‘funny’ 12x method. :clap: you seem to have the best Benq discs :stuck_out_tongue:


C0deKing - Why is it that so many people here are bashing the 18A1P/20A1P writers - I have had my trusty LITEON 1633 since it came out, which I modded to 1653, thanks to you, and both worked GREAT - Recently I purchased a LH-18A1P, converted to 20A1P and ran tests and found that both my 1633/1653 and 20A1P burnt my discs much the same - after running transfer tests and KPROBE, the scanning results were similar whether scanning on the 20A1P or 1653 - If the motor speed was lesser then why the hell would they call it 8x and 12x burning, wouldn’t that fall into the category of false advertising and put LITEON in deep hot water ?


Optimized the patch so it now works in all of the firmwares. Here’s my first burn with LL05 FastBurn. :slight_smile:

Verbatim MCC004, HT/OS/OHT Off, Burned at 12x

Gotta love that PIF result. :slight_smile:


Not a huge increase in speed for 8x burning but every bit counts and it hasn’t affected the quality.

CMC MAG E01, HT/OS/OHT On, Burned at 8x

Excellent! :slight_smile:


Great Work C0deKing :bow: :bow:

Looks Like You Have Saved Lite-On Again. :wink:

I’m Gunna Have To Put My Lite-On LH-18A1P@LH-20A1P KL05 Into My Main PC.
Now That You Have Now Resurrected Lite-On’s Latest Series Of Drives. :clap:


sweeet!!! :flower:


Thought I should try some DVD-R.

Sony SONY16D1, HT/OS/OHT On, Burned at 12x

Very similar burn time to DVD+R.


Excellent job! The 12x burning rocks! The most balanced quality/speed ratio we need. Thank you… I am looking forward for testing the firmware.


what were the leadin times?


About 45 seconds for both +R and -R, which is reflected in the burn times. Perhaps it likes starting at the higher RPM better. :wink:

Hopefully it will be better with this patch but let’s not start a discussion about this here. :wink:


Here’s the new Enhanced Over Speed. :wink:

Verbatim MCC003, 8x branded, burned at 16x

I really like this drive. :slight_smile:


When can we expect to see this great work of yours in the wild. I can’t wait to get my hands on these tweaks.



Code, will you apply this fancy FastBurn patch to 18A1P/16W1P series? I am not interested in 20X burning, instead a little cheap price interests me.

As usual, great work from 2S! :bow:


loimlo, thanks. Definitely to the 18A series but I’m not sure yet about 16W. What’s the latest firmware around for the 16W1P?

[B]Edit:[/B] Looks like I can do SB02. :wink:


I now have the Enhanced OverSpeed patch finalized. I settled on these settings:

16x: 18x - 20x
12x: 16x
8x: 12x - 16x
4x: 8x - 12x - 16x
2x: 4x - 8x - 12x - 16x


THANK-YOU :bow: :clap: :bigsmile:


:bow: And we can download it from …?