LITEON 18A1H questions (newbie)

HI all!
i’ve bought a brand new liteon 18a1h burner and i have some questons (i’m a newbie).

I’ve read here in the forum that this burner has a smartburn option. it’s enabled by default?

Second question : i’ve read also that there are hyper tuning, online hipertuning and some other features that is possible to enable by using the smartburn test program, avaiable here in the download section. what are the best settings for the burner? obiouvsly in terms of quality of burning with 12x or 16x burning using verbatim media, that should be the best in the market.
Or there is another media type better with this burner?

Third Question:

The burner has bitsetting capability.
I tried to set a dvd +rw on dvd rom by using nero cd dvd speed, setting all the otions on dvd rom. and then burned that dvd rw. the only unit that can read the dvd, burned in that way, was the burner. Nor my stand alone nor a samsumg combo drive can read it Why? i’ve made a mistake?

Final Question:
Trying to made a scan on a verbatim dvd +rw i’ve noticed very bad values, is normal for a rewriteable media or the values just should be the same like a normal +r media?

Thanks to all the people that can help me with my doubts and I apologize for my bad english.