Liteon 18a1h, media



I’ve been having some issues. My first few burns turned out pretty good, but the last few have been pretty bad usually some pifs at the beginning, and a bunch at the end. I’ve tried Verbatim -R 16x which seem to be the best so far, but they seem to burn pretty bad at the end. I tried some Memorex lightscribe, they seem to be pretty bad all the way through, though better at the end. Can anyone with this drive give me a recommendation for media (lighscribe if possible) and best burn speed. Also, best place to buy said media.

FYI The burns were all done on a comp that I’m not using for anything else, burned at either 4x or 8x (usally 4x)


Why don’t you scan with the Lite-On in CDSpeed at 8X? Scanning with an HP in DVDInfoPro at MAX speed doesn’t give you much of a reference point to compare with most of what you’ll see here. :slight_smile:


The HP is just a rebaged Lite-On. I have been swapping firmware back and forth to see if I can tell a difference. It seems the HP firmware is giving a little better results.


Then I’d flash back to Lite-On, get the latest SmartBurn (test version!) and turn on Online HyperTuning. The Memorex’ really look like they need it. :wink:


I’ll give it a try, also found some Verbatim +R lightscribe for a decent price, so I’ll see how they do.