LiteOn 18A1H - after 3 burns, speed locked to 8x

Hi @all!

I recently bought a 18A1H. It burns well, but I’ve got a problem: I usually burn TDK DVD+R (also tried DVD-R) 16x discs. If I burn 3 DVD’s in a row with 16x speed, the real burn-speed is also 16x. But the fourth disc will only burn at 8x real-speed (tough I can select 16x in nero). If I wait a couple of hours, it will write again with 16x speed. It seems, there is a heat problem. I’ve got the newest firmware (HL07), I’ve also tried 18A1H@20A1H but that didn’t solve the problem (atm I flashed back to 18A1H). Is my drive faulty? Any ideas what I should do? (BTW sry for my english, but I’m from Switzerland :slight_smile: )

THX for answers


I got it exchanged by the newer model 20A1H. I hope the “bug” is now gone.

Certainly it’s wise to have a delay between burns as burners can get very hot indeed.