LiteOn 16T9S?



Ordered a LiteOn SOHD-167T from a local computer store and when I went to pick it up it was not 167T but rather a LiteOn SOHD-16T9S. After doing a search I’ve not been able to find anything on this DVD-ROM. Does anyone know anything about the LiteOn SOHD-167T?
Also, I love to get one of those AOpen 1648, but they are not available in the Toronto, Ont., Can. area :sad: , hence my quest for a LiteOn 167.



16p9s. LiteonRPC works partially, region can’t be turned off, but the user+ vendor change counts can be reset. This drive has different PI/F results compared to the 166s/167t, i’m not sure if it’s any more or less accurate. Unfortunately there have not been any firmwares released for this drive for increased read speed. That’s all i know :slight_smile:


dicer, thanks for your reply. i purchased a 167t, flashed it and it works great.


Well I found out that the 16T9S is the replacement for the 167T. I was told this because I ordered the 167T in black and was sent a beige 167T. Was then told that the supplier does not have the 167T :eek: in black anymore, they have been replaced by the 16T9S.
I now have the 167T in beige.


Does anyone else have the LiteOn 16T9S? Is it any good?