Liteon 16P9S delivered from Newegg, $20

Don’t waste time on this on, Newegg will raise the price first thing Monday.

This drive has great firmware from codeguys and has already developed a reputation for being a fast ripper and a very good reader. I put my money where my mouth is and ordered one.

Really great delivered price. I guess we need more of the same now that the Egg is not selling the Aopen ROMs any more.

How would this compare to my 832S? I’m looking for a burner for my second computer to free up my main rig. I’m at work and dont have time to flip through reviews, I was hoping someone here would know of the top of their head.


Hmm. Price is still $20 (if you figure in the shipping costs, this thing is coming out to be the same price as a CD-ROM!)… at that price, I’m so very tempted to grab one for myself, even though I don’t need it (or have an open slot for it). :o


The SOHD-16P9S is a DVD-ROM and not a DVD-writer.

Is this drive by chance a decent Kprobe scanner for DVD’s?

I am thinking of getting one for my sons machine for ripping so it would be a added bonus if it can (he has a LG 4163 burner)

A few people have tested its PI/PIF scanning with this drive (it’s scattered throughout a few threads in the LiteOn forum, so you’d have to use the search function to find them), and the results that they get seem to be reasonably consistent with what’s reported by a DVD-writer (this would appear to be a change from previous models; previous LiteOn DVD-ROM drives produced wildly different PI/PIF scanning results).

Disclaimer: I don’t have the drive, so I can’t verify any of this; this is all based on a few posts that I’ve seen. Your mileage may vary.

haha, thanks code65536 for pointing out the obvious. /slap myself.

The 16PS9 is a reader only not a burner. I would recommend the 1693, usually available from Newegg for under $50.

I’ll do some comparisons when mine arrives later this week and let you know how it compares. I can check it against the good old 167T and the 1693. If it is reliable I will be amazed, but you never know.

Thanks much, would be interested to see the result.

I just ordered one to go with my new 1693s :bigsmile:
in my experience, i’ve seen 16P9S beat the 1640 in read speed tests, and i’ve seen the 1640 beat the 16P9S in some other hard to read discs.

I posted the results here:

it looks very interesting