LiteOn 16P9S - BACK On Sale For $20 Shipped From Newegg


Its back - and for only $20 shipped - and will probably expire this afternoon - Wednesday August 17-

Get’em while their still in stock!


Also, a recent test shows this drive might be a reasonable scanning drive.

I can say it did a very good job reading a scratched disc and adjusted back to max speed very fast. On a burned disc with very high numbers of errors in the 800 range it read them just fine.

Looks like a winner on all counts.


OOPS!! - Forgot the link - my bad - here it is:

Got mine - great deal - especially if it does scans too!!!


@chas0039 - Thanks for the update and the pics! My 16P9S should be here in a few days.

How does this compare to the Lite166s?

Or the Lite-On 167T ? - some comparisons between 166s and 16P9S i did a whlie ago. Site will only work properly at 1024x768 or higher.

IMO 16P9S is better than 166s, about as good as Benq 1640 for reading. It’s quite good at reading scratched cd’s too :slight_smile:

How is the dual layer pressed read speed compared to the 166s? Is this one riplocked and is their a way around it?

There is an excellent firmware with the riplock removed here:

This drive is much faster than my 167T with mod firmware. It goes to 16X with most formats.

Thanks. Mine on order at 8 AM on 8/18.

I’m sure you will love it. Get the firmware now as sometimes their site is down and another user couldn’t get the firmware when his drive arrived (frustrating). Wait till you see how quiet the belt drive is. Spooky.

Just using it to replace an antique 165 that has started to have problems reading. Quietness isn’t a major issue, but sure hope that this one rips movies faster than the 165.


This is amazing (for Newegg-eh!)-

It is still at $20 shipped - at 9am - pst - Thursday 08/18

Usually Newegg only has them reduced for one day!!

(maybe they have a lot in stock-eh?)


We do mirror critical files (or files that are requested in the forum) each time it goes down (which actually doesn’t happen very often) (and since the most recent one was a planned one, we mirrored all files in advance of the downtime).

It was mostly bad luck that it went down as often as it did this year. In 2004, the only downtime that happened the whole year was a scheduled maintenance downtime, so to have three downtimes in 2005 was definitely out of the ordinary, and we hope that’s luck won’t continue to be this bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that actually has a better uptime track record than CD Freaks. The only difference is that when goes down, it goes down for longer, so it’s more noticible and annoying, but it doesn’t happen as often as it does at CDF.

In NO WAY was I demeaning the great job you guys do. I would be hopeless without the effort and massive value you add to this hobby.

I was worried that my comment would be mis-read when I posted it but I remember the lament of the other user when he couldn’t get his firmware for a few hours. It was his problem not yours, but I know how frustrating it can be to get a new toy and then have to wait to try it out and I thought possibly I could save him some slight grief.

:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

I am sorry that for even a second you felt I have anything but great respect for everything you do.

Ok, hope it’s worth it. :bigsmile: Just ordered one. Can always give my 167T to a friend. :slight_smile: After reading it can be used for scanning, as well as being fast, I figured I’d jump on one for $20 :flower:

I LOVE this drive, I saved one of the most FUBAAR CDs I’ve EVER SEEN with it!!! OMG, this disc wasn’t even RECOGNISED by MOST CD players, and those that would acknowledge that there was a disc inserted would skip and puke so bad that it would reset to track 1! THIS DISC WAS FUBAAR! I put it in the 16P9S, and started ripping it to MP3, and I was AMAZED, almost NO errors, so few that playing the MP3s, you’d have NO IDEA the original was FUBAAR! HOLY COW, that was AWESOME, what makes this drive so dang good!!! I was kinda PEEVED that they dropped the shipping charge the weekend after I bought my drive, but I could care less now! It saved one of my all time favorite CDs, and I REFUSE to buy a CD twice!!! Let alone buy ANY CDs now adays because of the RIAA :flower: . So, I will be ABUSING this drive just like I used to with my old 166s :bigsmile: :iagree: :bow: :bow: !!!

Also, @code65536, I didn’t mean to sound like I was mad @ you guys for downtime of your site, it was just bad timing for me :doh: . You guys ROCK, your patcher for this firmware is SCHWEET, and IDIOT PROOF, couldn’t ask for a better support team! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK :bow:

Hehe. No need to apologize; no offense was ever taken. We realize that the downtimes we’ve suffered this year probably makes some people wonder, so I just wanted to clear up a few things when I saw the chance.

Thanks a bunch for the info. I have been needing a rom to replace one that is not performing so well anymore.


Just got mine and think I am going to mate it up with the BenQ 1640 I ordered last night from Newegg ($47 Shipped!!)-

That means that I now have 5 - NEC 3500’s (2 - slightly used by a little old man on Sundays and 3 new in the box) and 2 AOpen 1648/aap (1 - regular and 1 - Pro) to sell on eBay or to my buds-