LiteOn 16P9S / 16P9SV or 16P1S what one is best?

Hey Guys,
This is my first post and I know there are a lot of info on these drives…
Basically, I mod home dvd players and put computer dvd drives in them so that they read anything…

what is the best drive out of these three
the “16P9S”
or the “16P9SV”
or the “16P1S”

I know the 16P1S is the newest drive but what one would be the best choice?
Is there any drive better than these three?

Thanks all

This depends on your requirements.
Do you need RPC-1?
Do you need no riplocks?

I use the region free patcher to make them region free.
What is a riplock?
All the drive would be doing is reading the disk to play on my tv…

Once again, I want the BEST one, so if that means it comes with some unused features I can deal with it because I can get these drives for all about the same price…