LiteOn 16H5S Test Firmware Results



This thread is for the displaying and discussion of the results of LiteOn test firmware for the 16H5S model.

Please do not use this thread to request upgrades for this drive.

Please do not use LiteOn support for any problems/issues/bugs with these test firmwares. Please post all results here whether good or bad, or explain the problem you are experiencing.


ht=on os=on (Cmc Mag ae1) 12x, poor lead in time of almost 2mins, which accounted for 7% of the quality score


[B]Verbatim DVD-R 8X [MCC 02RG20] @ 8X[/B] HT=on OS=on…
this “test” firmware is great… very low PIF and low PIE…
quality score=98 :eek: … it’s cool :slight_smile:
1.create data disc
2.disc quality
3.transfer rate test with my NEC ND-3500AG 2.1A


the same media only @ 12X… overspeeding - rulez :slight_smile:
[B]Verbatim DVD-R 8X [MCC 02RG20] @ 12X[/B] HT=on OS=on…
results is great again… good firmware… :slight_smile:
1.create data disc
2.disc quality
3.transfer rate test with my NEC ND-3500AG 2.1A


hmm wonder why mine is saying recorded with sony dw-q31a


Ridisc (Ritek G05 X8) HT - ON, 0S - ON (Burn speed 12x)


A Benq DVD+R 8x burned @ 12x.
With OverSpeed and Hypertuning on.


Hi :slight_smile:
Infiniti branded MCC 004. HT on OS on written @ 16x.


Another Benq DVD+R 8x burned @ 12x.


Ridisc DVD+R 8x, HT: off OS: on burned@12x CMC MAG E01

PS: On these discs (the only ones I have right now) I’m getting what I believe to be very long lead-in and lead-out times (around 1 minute each). At lead-in the drive spins up at high revs and then goes back to normal rotational speed.
Tested a couple of discs with HT on and got higher PI/PIF values. So I cleared EEPROM learned data and switched off HT. Without OS and using LS0R, the previous discs i burned @8x I got an even average of 3 with peaks at 12 PI and average of 0.06 withe peaks of 2 PIF.


You burn it @8x with LS0R and burn it @12x with LV4C and HT.
That’s not a good way to compare with these two firmware using different burn speed.
Can you burn again @8x with LV4C and HT, to see if that’s HT problem or not?


Can you tell me what range of EEPROM did you clear, I just want to make sure that it was OK.


Found these in the cupboard - TDK X2 (HT-on, OS-On. burn speed 8x)


i think he use Codekings EEPROM tool to clear the Learn data so he can start fresh just like what BENQ’s Qsuit 2.x’s clear learn disc funtion :slight_smile:


Post in wrong section sorry


[B]Verbatim DVD-R 16X [MCC 03RG20][/B] HT=on OS=on…
nice result of test firmware again… :slight_smile:
1.disc quality
2.write speed graph
3.transfer rate test

PS. and my liteon shw-16h5s shows as "recorded with sony dw-q31a"
in cd speed now…
very funny… :slight_smile:


vano mine shows that, recorded with sony, maybe code will be able to shed some light on this


You are totally right. My comparison had no meaning. I am sorry. Did the test @8x with HT off and then HT on and with HT i got similar results but the final average PIF was lower 0.08 vs 0.06. About the EEPROM, just as z24 said, C0deKing’s tool. So the range you’ll have to ask him.


hello! how to use SHW-16H5S drive Smarburn 3.1.16, Step1 not target drive? what problem?


are you using codekings firmware LV4C?