LiteOn 16h5s, lightscribe sw?

Hi, i have bought the new LiteOn 16h5s bulk version.
How can i use lightscribe function?
I have Nero Burning Rom( and CoverDesigner doesn’t recognize any lightscribe unit!!!
I have tried also Surething CD/DVD Labeler Deluxe Edition (last version 4.3.0196) but is the same…
How can i use lightscribe??? :rolleyes:

Thank You!!
PippoPD [ITA]

Just install LS engine at your PC.

I Have installed it but doesn’t go…
I have installed the bundled version of Nero ( and is all ok but when i update it to last version, lightscribe doesn’t go…
:sad: :sad: :sad:

HELP ME!! :sad: :sad:

After installed bundled version, lightscribe is ok also with Surething, now is only Nero 7 my problem… doesnt support Lightscribe for some reason. I have the Benq 1625 and it does not show up in Nero either. Works fine on Nero