Liteon 1693sx v. LG 5693D ?s

I’m looking at both drives (outstanding deals at NewEgg right now) and wanted to know some opinions on which is better. I’m leaning towards Liteon right now because of all the ‘third party’ support on this site, but also have read teh USB 2.0 interface means the drive won’t ever reach full speed. LG has Firewire and so can be faster is the rumor. Thoughts?

get the lg. liteons are only toys to play around with the tools from the codeguys.

I generally agree with Chok0 although my Liteon has substantially less PIE’s than my LG with -R media.

I would vote for the Liteon


USB2.0 will not go all the way to 16x but Firewire will. Both drives have their merits. :slight_smile:

Moved to neutral territory (the OD forum) for a less biased opinion. :wink:

Interesting, the MB/s is not significantly different. Thanks for the move.

I chose the Liteon because of the 3rd party support and the ease of ripping copy protection that seems to be a strong point. Also, the product will be used on multiple client computers, which may or may not have firewire (I do, but that’s less relevant). But I still have 30 days to return it if the LG folks convince me! :wink:

Oh, and it was $10 cheaper after rebate :slight_smile: