Liteon 1693SX for $70 delivered from Newegg, 10 HOURS ONLY

Pretty good price on a very good external burner. Sorry about the $10 rebate.

how’s it 70?

i show $89.99 - $10 rebate + $4 shipping = $84

am i missing something?

I would have to say they changed the price. Most likely, the 10 hours passed. Newegg changes these things fast. Sorry you missed it.

it’s ok. i posted 1hr after you did though and that was the price it was showing. unless you posted in the 9th hour of the sale, something wasn’t quite right. hmmm…

i probably wouldn’t have bought it anyway as i’m waiting (and hoping) for my burner to die first haha

Thats about typical for newegg. It’s a good place to buy with some great prices (sometimes), but prices are liklly to change hourly. It might be worth keeping an eye on though if you want one. They have a tendancy to run a sale, jack the price back up, run the sale again, jack it up again, run the sale again etc. sometimes.