Liteon 1693s won't burnt at 4x?! please i beg you please help me! PLEASE HELP!

i recently purchased a few brand new TDK 8x dvd+r

i own a lite-on 1693s 16x burner

when i go to nero 6 express i was unable to selected 4x write speed.

i know 8x dvds should be burnt at half the speed, but nero 6 only allow me to selected 6x speed minimum.

i had no choice, so i burnt the disc anyway, but after the burn was complete, the drive was able to read it, i edject it out and load it back in, the drive makes alot of clicking noises, the dvds cannot be read.

is there anyway for me to force my drive to burn at 4x?

please help me, please help me i beg you please HELP!

no. if you can’t select 4x in nero it means the drive doesn’t support that speed for the media you’re using.
try updating your firmware

now it’s even worst, it won’t even burn my dvd+r

nero actually edjects my disc back out and said i need a dvd-r to burn

so now nero won’t even reconized my dvd+r, what’s going on?

i hate lite-on, i really do, i should have bought a nec or pioneer, this is all my fault T_T

the guy at the store and the magizine was saying how GOOD this freaking drive is, i finally get to see how good it is, first i tried using maxwell dvd+r, it always gives me a coaster burn, now i use tdk dvd+r, it onot only gave me a coaster burn dvd but now it won’t even reconized my dvd and ASKED my to put a dvd in the drive, WHEN I ALREADY HAVE A DVD INSIDE!!!

i hate lite on !!!i hattteee yoooouuuuu! AHHHHHHH noone like to help me, noone, i always have problems with drives, my lg combo drive broke, then my dvd drive, then my pc, AHHHH< AHHHHH AHHH AGGGGGGGG!!!i though lite on was good, damn it damn it!!! T_T

you’ll get a lot more help if you remove all the emotional ramblings out of your posts

which firmware are you using? have you updated it?

i don’t know what firmwire.

i don;t know

i don’t know

3 dvds dead already.

i tried to burnt them, they all go dead, stopped at 20%, boom dead, hard restart my 3 times within an hour, that’s it, and now my pc is damage too

hahaha, lite on, bah! hahaha

do you want help or are you just here to complain?

For the guy at the store and the magazine every thing is GOOD :iagree:

Hahahaha for most people yes Lite-On’s are very Good drives! Don’t worry about it just be [B] HAPPY [/B] :slight_smile:

Don’t give this dude more coffee containing caffeine… :bigsmile: