LiteOn 1693S, What speed should I use to Scan the Disc?

What speed should I use ?

Today after I burn some discs, I use KProbe to scan @8X speed (The disc is written at 4X speed), and I got this results.

IMO, It’s not so good.

Then I tried 4X speed cause it’s the speed that I burn the disc, and I got this …

It’s not perfect but it’s much better than 8X scan.

So, What result should I trust ?

Cause in 8X scan, I got 125 PI and 5 PIF plus 1 error.
But in 4X scan, I got 69 PI and 4 PIF with NO errors (IMO this result is acceptable cause it’s really cheap discs -~3.6$ per 12 discs- ) .

P.S. I don’t know why there are more Sampling counts in 4X scan than in 8X scan, since it’s the same disc (I scan at 8X and follow by 4X W/O taking disc out of the drive) .

Thanks for your help.


4x is the standard speed that is recommended for Kprobe scans.

You might want to consider getting some other media for your Liteon. I have had very good results with TDK TTG02, Ridata R03, TYG01, TYG02, TYT02, and Verbatim MCC 003.

It can turn out scans like this:

That’s a GREAT scan! At what speed did you write the disc at, and what speed is the media certified for. Is that media sold under the Verbatim brand? They are usually very high quality blanks.

It is Verbatim brand 100 stack 8X DVD+R, from Newegg or Amazon, made by Prodisc and burned at 6X. If you are patient, they are usually available for about $30.

Actually though, I get better burns with TYG02 or YUDEN000T02 if you are looking for the best match to this burner for 8X media. Both are available at Allmediaoutlet as Burnmaster (genuine TY) for a little more.

chas0039 what speed you used for burned
TYG02 or YUDEN000T02 and what strategy? I burned the Fuji DVD+R
YUDEN000T02 with YUDEN000T03 strategy but results it’s variable
what I do for best burn?


I burn all my 8X media at 8X. I have yet to see a 12X burn that is better and the time savings is minimal. I strive for the lowest PIE/PIF not the fastest readable burn.

BTW, a lot of people here have reported problems with Fuji TY. I would seek another source. I have had very good luck with the Burnmaster TY at Allmediaoutlet.

The burn below was from a BenQ but is the Burnmaster TY burned at 8X.


What a good burn :clap: .

But problem is, I can’t find that media easily in my country.

Thanks chas0039

I have problem yet with YUDEN000T02, maybe the firmware
its the problem, what firmware you used?

Thanks for all :slight_smile:

Which drive, I have 7?


Some guys think that scans with higher speed than 4x shows ugly spikes because the Liteon´s read 4x CLV, but 8 CAV.

Question: A 16x-max-drive begins to read/write at 6,5x. Can the 1693 with patched FW (Read speed 16x with DVD-R/+R) read 6x CLV?