Liteon 1693s vs. Nec 3540A vs. LG 4163B

Hi everyone,

I was hoping people could provide some opinions on which drive would be best for me.

I’ve seen similar topics but most seem to have the benq 1640 in the running and everyone picks that. I’ve been trying to stay away from it because it is a 1 sheep burner.

I like the plexors but they are a bit expensive. I was wondering which people would pick out of the

Liteon 1693s
Nec 3540a
LG 4163B

I plan to mostly backup my own data files and backup some movies.

thanks everyone

just wait a little while. more new drives r emerging.
4163B to me is pretty quite old drive alredi.

4167B is out in Japan alredi, but review is yet to come out.

so if you r only comparing 3540 n 1693s, it is pretty obvious that 3540 supersedes 1693s.

I was just debating on the same thing. I saw the NEC ND-3540A on sale at newegg last weekend and thats what made me finally decide to get it. Haven’t installed it yet. I’ve heard good stuff about the LG, but write speeds weren’t as high as with this new NEC and who the hell needs DVD-RAM anyway?

I own a Liteon 1693 as well as an LG 4163 and the NEC 3520. It is a toss up between the burn quality on the Liteon and the NEC. The LG just does not do as well on a wide range of media but when it does well it is the best of these three. The NEC 3540 still has trouble with their firmware, based on scans I have seen here, so I would avoid it. If you are in no hurry, there are 3-5 new drives coming out in a few months so you might well want to wait, but they are all adding RAM as there is no additional speed possible above 16X so they might not offer anything you need other than possible faster RW burning.

Buying the latest doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better, IMHO. A proven firmware/drive combination should not be passed up. Look at how many NEC fans act all giddy when they find 3500’s for sale…a lot of people wish they bought one instead of waiting for the 3520…

Another thing I notice more lately, is drives being released with pretty shakey 1st version firmware. Newer drives don’t seem to burn well until 2nd or 3rd public release. You may want to add another 2 or 3 months after the drives are released to get a decent burner (and that’s ‘IF’ they will be decent burners).

just my 2 cents…

Go for the NEC - it has the best burning quality on a wide range of media. It also has the biggest lookup table to support even older/rarer media.

And you get the best Firmware support (bittsetting/speedups in read and write mode) right here in the forum. Go for the newest Firmware 1.W5 from Liggy & Dee. :bow:

I think if you don’t mind flashing modified Firmwares to your drive the NEC is far ahead of the compeditors.

You can always wait 2 or 3 month for a new drive comming out…

just my 0,02€

If you’re avoiding the BenQ because it’s not 2 sheep you might want to hold off on the NEC 3540 as well. I know the review here says it’s 2 sheep but I just did the sheep test on mine and it only passed the 1 sheep test. I tested my old Liteon 48246S at the same time using the exact same media and settings and it passed everything but the bad and 3 sheep test so I don’t think I messed up the tests but I suppose it’s possible I just got a bad drive.