Liteon 1693s...unable to change bitsetting

Already installed forceaspi 1.7 and still won´t let me write, in every bitsetting app Í’ve tried the write button keeps greyed out.

needless to say, I’m a totally newbie at this dvd burning stuff.

bitsetting is intended only for +R media (or for +RW media). If you insert a -R (dash) media in the burner, then the button is grayed.

The button is grayed also if you don’t insert any media on the burner.

yes, yes, I insert the +R media, verbatim, and still it won´t allow to change book type.


Sorry if it’s a dumb question, but is the disc blank or already burned?

Otomo I had the same problem, use the program from Liteon I don’t think I am supposed to post links but here goes …use this one and one you make that burn you won’t have to set it again.


seems like I found the answer here

one can directly write the booktype if it’s a +rw disc, and it will be set in the next burn (with nero or the like) if it’s a +r disc.

thank you all for the help.