Liteon 1693S - the fastest ripper in town!

Liteon 1693S - the fastest ripper in town!

Well check out these results from my 1693S :). Has it taken the crown from the patched BenQ 1620? See for yourself.

I wish I had a DVD Video with me at the moment, that had more on it than this one, but as you can see it was well on it’s way to maybe 15x, hitting 14x at the 3.2GB point.

Also a full DVD+R read in 4:53 :slight_smile:

Firmware: KS04 with OmniPatcher 16x read speed patch

A big thanks to Pulsee for supplying me with this 1693S :slight_smile:

Here are the results from the BenQ 1620

The Liteon wins, just :slight_smile:

impressive. I’m stuck with 2 1653s. One with the sony id and the other, liteon id

Is this 1693 specific, or should a 1673 with KS04 do the same thing?

I think there’s a good chance the 1673S could be the same :wink:

This is a read of a DVD+R disc with my new 1673@1693 KS04 at 16x. I burned a copy of a Amelie in it upto the maximum capacity. The Brand is called “Deja” and as this is a NoName product the media code is MEDIA ID001.

The disc was burned with my old 1653 CS09. I include a link to a scan I did back with that 1653 at 12x. The 1673 does considerably better at reading this piece of crap media.

I tried to read the original DVD Video “Amelie” at full speed, but encountered serious problems around the layer changing point.

Unfortunately I got no other original DVD Video here to check if it’s a problem of the disc or drive. So I have to check that later.

So now I either have to change my signature or tweak the read speed again, if this is possible at all :slight_smile:

hmm I flash my 1673s @ KS04 (16x read speed) and then happend something bizare when i scaning DVD results in nero was Great =]

but when i want to copy date from DVD i saw “Insert Disc … bla ble”, My LiteOn didnt even SpinUp … i press caple time F5 … w8ed 1 min … nothing … but nero CD-DVD speed see DVD and test it… :S I though something maybe whit Windows i delete from hardware menager LiteOn and reboot… same… I flash to KS04 (12x read speed) all is oK :open_mouth:

It seems there is some problem with 16x reading with my 1673 as well. I tested another DVD-ROM Video and it went even worse than the above scan. Nero canceled because it couldn’t handle the errors anymore, a quality scan revealed galore of PI errors around.

Flashing back KS04 custom firmware shows no problems at all, I will try 12x now.

What really makes me wonder is that DVD-Rom needs a speedpatch at all. I thought 3S drives read DVD-Rom at 16x anyway, but after flashing the custom firmware it read only at 8x!?

the 1693s seems to be a very good reader. but liteon should improve dvd+r reading for 1653s…

I think its best if you tweak the read speed again. :wink:

Sorry, I hate to conflict with your assertion, but I still haven’t seen a rip faster than the AOpen 1648 AAP; 14.63X.

ala42: Try to remove the speed lock from LG 4163… I think no drive could beat it when the sucker rotates at it’s full speed. =P

Finding the read speed patch took already long enough with the Benq drive that I have and would not have been possible without reading out some drive memory locations during runtime, thanks to the C++ code used.
Without having the drive I can not even add some brutal patches to verify that I am looking at the right spots. Even with the drive it will take some days to locate it or you have to have more luck than I had when selecting the search starting point and strategy.

Not the same disk used.

I wish I had a DVD Video with me at the moment, that had more on it than this one, but as you can see it was well on it’s way to maybe 15x, hitting 14x at the 3.2GB point.

BTW, GSA-4163B hits 16x at about 3.5GB point (for writing though.) :slight_smile:

(Zevia’s MCC 16x DVD-R burn in 5:15)

The fastest ripping award really has nothing to do with using the same disc, and generally, the AOpen will beat other drives. Also, I know the LG is a great writer and has the fastest burn award. It is just a very slow reader for DL discs.

Different speeds for different discs especially with different file size. One should try full-size 8.5GB DL movie disks on both drives.

LG is not slow. It’s just “locked” to the speeds that LG thinks are right for average consumers for both silence and stability. It’s like comparing 8x reader with 16x reader. Toshiba, Samsung, Lite-On, and many others do the same and so do most motherboard manufacturers. (So we have to use Pentium M processors at only 2.1GHz when they can easily run at 2.6GHz unless we don’t unlock the speeds by ourselves.) For burning, GSA-4163B doesn’t need any special tool to reach 7.3x at start and 16x at about 3.5GB point. It just proves how the machine behaves at higher RPM’s than most other drives. Both BenQ and Lite-On drives mentioned in this thread were “patched” to improve read speeds.

Finally, I think C0deKing wanted to compare only among DVD writers. :slight_smile:


I am very well aware of this. A lock that cannot be unpatched is the same as a slow reader. It really doesn’t matter what the reasons are. If a drive cannot be made to increase ripping speeds, it is just plain slow, and the LG is not an 8X reader, it is a locked 16X reader as are most drives other than the Pioneer A09.