Liteon 1693S, first burn!?

I have just get my drive in comp and would like to try how it works.The first thing i have seen is, that is no red light while burning, like on my old 451S@851S.Is this normal?Beacuse i get som green light flashing while is burning?The second question is, i´ve got some verbatim dvd-r 16x wich i have tried before on my old drive and it work properly, but, i have made one burn with my new 1693S and the dvd is not playable on my standalone?Dvd work fine on my comp?I did burn with 8x and the fw is KSO4.
If anyone have some toughts?

Here is a scan!?

The 1693 has no red light and you are seeing normal green light flashing. I would update to KS09 as there are significant improvements. I haven’t used Verbatim 16X but the 8X works fine for me.

MCC 003 is not 16X it is 8X. Also you might want to visit the Liteon Forum and get the bitsetting tool to check that your drive is setting +R to ROM. That might be the problem with your player as that burn is very readable.

The only thing that i wasn’t glad for verbatim is, that those medias was never good for my standalone???O.K, i know that those medias are fine, but not for me.I dont know is this scan a good, it doesnt look like?I have seen better scans with 1693S!Even with a KSO4!

Those verbatim 16x are -R!

Sorry, MCC 003 are different. Yours are MCC 03. Get KS09, there is no benefit to KS04.

I’ve got KSO9!I should try another burn.You didn’t tell me what you think about this scan?

The 1693s with KS09 is an excellent burner. Here is my scan.

So, in my case that scan i have is not so good???

your scan is very good. The PI should be lower then 280: your max is 76!
The PIF should be lower than 6 (for liteon): your max is 2!

Anyway, the lower the better, and you should have any errors, that’s all about it!

Thnx bichonn!

Hey that “6 PIF for lite-on” thing is new to me, can you tell me why lite-on can has higher PIF than the other brand ?

In KProbe only or Nero Cd Speed too ?

P.S. Wartex, /me agree with bichonn, your burn is very good.
But I believe that using Omnipatcher, your burn could be even better.

Some people even say that the PIF should not be higher than 4 (with Liteon).
That’s because liteon uses ECC bloc equal to 1 when BenQ (for example) uses ECC bloc equal to 4. That means a 6 PIF with a liteon is like a 24 PIF with benq ??!!

Please I need an expert here to correct me if I am wrong!!!

You are probably right!!! :clap: :slight_smile: :bow:

Max PIF for the Liteon using ECC1 is 4. Max PIF for the Benq using ECC8 is 16. :wink:

Here is my 2nd scan burned with 8x!

That is a near perfect burn :slight_smile:

It was playable in my old sony (DVP-S7700) standalone wich is 6 years old!
I did get some probs with it, beacuse, all of better media i have burned was not playable.So, i was thinking more like experiment with cheaper medias and -R!All of them was playable on it!?All other media some i get from my friends was very good on my standalone???So, that’s why i was wondering what is wrong with my standalone.I have my son’s standalone wich is 6 months old and very cheap, like 40 euros or something like that!I know that all of medias i burn will be playable on it, beacuse they can play all of +R and -R!

Some have trouble with +R’s. It’s a different burner with slight variances caused by the way it’s burned. Have you made sure you bitset +R to -ROM?

I’m very glad to hear that, DeadMan!