Liteon 1693S doesnt' work on 800+ MB CDs

Can’t say anything more- when I insert 800mb disc in my drive it shows empty. The same with 860 mb discs, I tried anything from firmware upgrade to HDD format and reinstall windows, but no success. It really worked right before, I burned many 800mb discs, but now the green light blinks 1 minute and turns off. Please help! It’s very important for me! :bow:

Can you try the drive in another computer? Just to see if it’s something in the hardware. Otherwise, the CD reading might have died in your drive. It happened in my 832S.

It works perfect with 700mb discs and DVDs, so it shouldn’t be a problem with the hardware…

Try using Nero or Roxio to overburn some data to the discs. On some drives those types of discs sometimes don’t show up until you have burnt to them.

I read 800 and was thinking 700 :o
Try the overburning test of nero cd-dvd speed.
Does it read burned 800 MB discs?

On some drives those types of discs sometimes don’t show up until you have burnt to them.

I have some MMore 90 min. that empty appear as 10 min. CD!!! :rolleyes:

I know how to overburn and such things, I can’t do anything with 800mb discs, because it shows “Drive is empty”. It reads burned 800mb discs as well as 700mb and DVDs.

CD media over 800mb is out of standard.
Even actually 700mb is, BTW.

Without enabling overburn in Nero it will not work with Nero.

If your burner cannot recognize the media, it’s a burner / firmware problem, nothing else.

If it’s a firmware problem, should I install the latest version over existing or downgrade?
And what could be wrong with hardware?

Update to the latest available firmware for your drive, then try again (maybe with simulation first).

I’ve already got the lates firmware. Is there any way to downgrade? As I remember, all was ok before firmware update so maybe it’s the fault.

Not with offical flashers.

Check the codeguys site!

Codeguys site? What’s there? Old firmwares? Give link, please!

Result #1 when you are using Google.