Liteon 1693S Cann't identification TDK DVD+R

TDK DVD+R 8X ring code is CPDR47G-CAEWP13-318.
My Liteon 1693S firewirm is KS0B.
I hate it.
I have 100 piece these DVD+R.
Very very faintful!
Help me!

Welcome to cdfreaks :slight_smile: !

Those are “CMC MAG E01” discs and they burn acceptably well on many drives with the right firmware support. I’ve attached two scans, the first was burned with a BenQ 1620, the second with a Plextor 712 (these are Memorex branded, your TDK should be better). You can probably find more scans, maybe even with the 1693S, if you search the forum.

Your options:

  1. try with KC4B firmware from
  2. buy a second drive that can burn them
  3. sell them on to someone else who owns such a drive

As Cressida said, you should have no problems with them unless the firmware support is poor. Here’s a couple of my most recent HP CMC E01 burns, TDK branded CMC has been equal in quality to my HP brand CMC. I’m not that familiar with that particular drive, but you may want to look into another firmware version if the current one is giving you problems. Even with bad firmware support, the drive should at least recognize the discs, so maybe there is something wrong with the drive or a bad batch of media.

Burned at 8x on Benq 1640:

Burned at 8x on Liteon 160P6S:

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