Liteon 1693S and buffer size



Looking at the specs of the 1693S in, i saw that it reports the buffer as 2MB max, while that of the 1673S as 2MB. Is it possible that the size of the buffer differs in the 1693S model if it is retail or oem? Has anyone bought the 1693S to report the size of the buffer?



I think that the buffer in both drives is 2MB. See also:

Is there some specific reason why you’d expect the 1693S’s buffer to not be 2MB?

I have a retail 1693S arriving tomorrow or Thursday, and will post back re. buffer size.



I don’t have a special reason. Maybe Liteon has, that’s why they wrote “max”


I am working on a review of the 1693S, and have the retail version of the drive in the lab. I can state that the buffer is definitely 2 MB, and it uses the Smart-Burn system that previous drives from LiteOn have used.


Looking forward to your review!