Liteon 1693 what type of media - or +?

What do you use the various media for? I am going to do data backup for right now until I get the new computer built. I am ordering with my drive. Is any Verbaitum the same or is there a certain model # (order #) that I should get? I want my first experience to be as positive as possible.

Sorry for the edit…What is TY media? Everyone on the boards seems to really like it. I can’t seem to find that brand on Newegg.

I am ordering from Newegg




LiteOns generally prefer +R medias - would recommend the Taiyo Yuden (TY) 8x as the preferred media - the absolute best vendor is Rima at and is actually a higher rated vendor than Newegg and their prices are really competitive (look at their customer ratings at - also a good idea when buying from ANY online reseller)-

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btw - Neweggs strong forte is usually hardware with an occasional good deal on Verbatim medias

I have tested TDK TTG02, TYG02, TYG01, Ritek R03, YUDEN000 T02, and Verbatim MCC 003 and the only one that was below my standards (PIF below 250 total and PIE below 75k total) was the MCC 003. When I burned it at 6X it was right up there with the rest. As far as the maximum levels and the shape of the curve they were all fine.

The best was the T02, a +R 8X TY. It had half the PIE.

One note, I would not recommend R03 anymore due to variation in quality. The last batch I had needed to be burned at 4X.

I second the nomination for the Yuden000 T02 (Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD+R).

My averages are: PIE avg 1.5, max 7, total 11K; PIF avg .02, max 2, total 180…

Link for this media:

Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD+R