LiteOn 1693 Taiyo Yuden bad burns

Finally got some Taiyo Yuden’s today and tested them out. So far these are better than my Memorex(cmc xxx) and Maxell (ritek g0x) but that’s not saying much. I seem to be also getting different results with successive scans. Initially it was (83, 77) and second scan resulted in (77, 70). Although the first burn was at 8x, the drive switched to slower 6x burning even with 8x selected on the second burn.

General Information
Firmware: KS0B
Disc: DVD+R (YUDEN000 T02)
Selected speed: 8 X
Program: Dvd Decrypter 3.5.0

Burn #1

Burn #2

I’m thinking of switching to KS0A firmware, since I’ve seen some good results on the forum with that. I’ve only burnt 2 dvd’s so far, should I go for 5+ burns until the drive/firmware get used to the media?


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Your links do not show any tests-

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Can you check attachments? I can’t see any image of scans.

Moreover, are you sure that these are genuine TY media? There are a lot of fake TY in stores.

There are so much faked out there!!! Are you sure you got genuines Tayo Yudens?
I you are sure, than download the latest Eeprom Utility , and clean the learnt memory. Please read how to use it

Here are some temporary imageshack pictures until I can get those attachements to work. These are media from I’ve been reading these forums for the last 7 months. I bought my liteon 1693, since it was recommended here.

With 1693 the standard speed for scans is 4x; only starting from 5s series drives scanning speed is 8x.

Can you do again scans at 4x?

I’ll do the scans at 4x. Can someone tell me if the images in the first post work? As for the eeprom, I’ve used it once to reset memorex media on ks09 since it was being burnt at 1x… but later switched to ks0b since it kept doing the same.

Just checked links on the first post, but still don’t works

Here are the scans at 4x. I didn’t mention this in the first post, but these are both bit set to dvd-rom.

I’ve attached both imageshack links and attachments. Hopefully the attachments work this time. Plus it seems I can’t edit my first post more than once.

There are a lot of errors for a TY disc; probably you got a fake.

What brand have these discs? Where you bought them?

Maybe try the Codeguys’ KC4B firmware?

That’s what I used for a long time with my 1693S…of course, it’s unofficial, so using it would void your warranty.

Just a thought. :slight_smile:

These are from I was told that they have genuine discs, ty’s, maxell jpn, verbatim mcc. I’ve also labled them with a sharpie, is that ok??? The identifier number near the center of the disc is TG000041.

sharpies are good, don’t worry :slight_smile:

Sorry, but I don’t know this site; for what I know they don’t sell to Italy too :frowning: sell genuine Taiyo Yuden media according to our experienced canadian users. The TG000041 code is “proof” that your discs are genuine.

As for labelling your discs with a sharpie, see this thread:
Okay to write on discs with a marker?

The short answer is; Yes it’s OK for DVDs, and also for CDs but only if you’re careful.

The store is Canadian shipping only, I think. I’ll try switching to KS0A with omnipatcher. Should I reset learnt media with eeprom before/after I do that? Once I do that I’ll create a few test discs with nero-speed, dvd decrypter and nero 6 at 8x and bit setting dvd-rom. If that doesn’t work I’ll go with the KC4B, voiding warranty isn’t an issue since postal cost would be near 40% of just getting a new drive at 50.

Thx for the help so far.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Let us know results :slight_smile:

Here are 2 more dvd scans after flashing to ksoa.

General Information
Firmware: KS0A
Disc: DVD+R (YUDEN000 T02)
Selected speed: 8 X(disc 1), 8x(disc 2 burned at 6x by drive)
Program Disc 1: Nero Cd-Dvd Speed 4.5.1
Program Disc 2: Dvd Decrypter
Booktype: Dvd-Rom

I think disc 2 until the 3 gb mark was good. Let me know what other tests I should do, if any.

I use the KC4B firmware on my 1693s and I get better burns than you do on YUDEN000 T02.

I usually get a quality score of 93, max PIF of 3.

I had much better results with KSOA, just clear out the learned media and give it a few slow burns to learn it and should be fine…at least it was in my case…I have two 1693’s. I generally scan with Kprobe also.


I should probably go with slow burning, since the 8x(6x by drive) gave better results. It seems it’s not possible to select 4x with nero 6.0 but with dvd decrypter it is possible. Should I bother to burn at 4x or just stick to 6x? I’ll reset learnt media before I do either of that. Giving KC4B a try might be a good option too.