Liteon 1693, Newegg is $40! NEC 3520 even less




Yo chas0039-

GREAT price - and free shipping too-eh!

Does not get much better than this for a very good burner-eh!

Again - thanks for the find Bra!!



Yah Mike,

I swear the next drive I buy will be under $40. Come on NEC 4550.


Its the price for a combo special, you have to buy a spindle of AVB DVD’s for $30 to get the #39.99 price. Look at the bottom of the page

Edit - At checkout, it shows it’s the combo deal…sneaky


I think you mis-read it. The discs are the deal not the drive. When I added it to the cart and skipped the discs it rang up as $39.99 delivered.

Newegg always has the first item listed as the item that you need to buy to get the second.

Course, now I have to buy it right? Should I send the bill to you or directly to CDFreaks. :wink: :wink:


@chas0039 - a 1000 pardons man, wow that is cheap. I did misread the ad and thought you had to buy both :o

Hit cancel on the order :smile:


I keep trying to but my hand just won’t move the mouse there. Must not buy…must not buy…must not buy…


Well I’m thinking about it too, I just got one but for that price…hmmm I might just hafta buy one too.

OT - About the misread - I’m gonna turn in the diploma I got from the Evelyn Wood Speed Reading Course I took on the C64…I know years ago :iagree:


The C64 was my third computer. A ton of fun. Remember Ultima?




Before it had a number, just Ultima.


Was the one I called #1 the plain Ultima or did I miss one ?


Ultima became Ultima 1 when Ultima II came out.

You did not miss any.

Here is a link for a vic-20 game The Sword of Fargoal. My personal favorite re-written for Windows.



PS: get the Benq 1640 and you won`t be sorry


I can’t remeber if it was Ultima/#I but always refered to it as #I when the others came out. I don’t think I missed too many C64 titles. I usta run a BBS back then for a few years.



Geeze - what a bunch of Old Farts - I personally cannot associate earlier than the 286 :wink:


hehehe, I remember when the Magnavox game console was the big rage…with them 3 little games and the only movement looked like a cursor…eh I mean I read about them :doh:


I bought a 3520 yesterday for $38.99. plus $4 shipping. :doh:


I thought you promised us you will get one if it’s under 40 bucks. :stuck_out_tongue:


I promised I would get one if it dropped below $50, and I did about 3 months ago. One of the best drives I own with burns very close to NEC 3500.


Damn, you just helped me to spend another $40. I hope my 1693 works as well as yours.