Liteon 1693 KS0B problem with YUDEN000 T02

I have an interesting problem with my 1693. I flashed to KS0B a while ago and have had no trouble burning other media. I just yesterday burned a YUDEN000 T02 and it was a total coaster. This was not the case with KS0A. I thought maybe my bridge board was goofy so I moved the drive to another board. I then burned some other media with no problem, TYG02, and just now burned another YUDEN000 T02 coaster.
The only clue in the media is a clear change in the burn surface right about half way through, almost as though the 8X part of the stratagy is no good.

I moved back to KS0A and the problem is gone. This media is just fine on other burners. I am happy with KS0A, but the problem in KS0B is very strange.

Anyone else seen this?

I’m not sure that can be relevant, but latest version of omnipatcher have a bug (C0deKing was discussing on the thread). Are you using official firmware or one modified with omnipatcher?

chas0039, very odd. I’ve never burned a T02 with KS0B and I’m saving the last two I have because I can’t get any more over here. What I’m saving them for, I don’t really know yet. Maybe a sub 6:30 12x burn with <50 PIFs. :wink: I also haven’t heard of any problems burning T02 at 8x with KS0B from anyone else, so it will be interesting to see the replies that come back.

FYI. The OP problem is only with 5S firmware and it is a checksum check in the firmware that is causing the problem. It’s not a bug in OP, it’s just that OP has to do more with this firmware when a patch is applied. :wink:


Sorry for my mistake. I’m a noob regarding OP.

Please accept my apologize. :slight_smile:

Thanks but it’s not necessary. I appreciate you trying to help out. :slight_smile:

I just finished another +R YUDEN000 T02 with KS0A and it came through flawlessly. Perfect scan and ROM is bitset. Very strange.

I guess I will just wait for KS0C and stick with what I have.

I’d be happy to test a Yuden T02 on my 1693, but I’m using firmware KC4B. I don’t know whether that would have any meaning under these circumstances…

I have successfully burned many YUDEN000 T02 off of KS0B with good scans… Dunno what problems you are having :frowning:

chas0039, either your beloved 1693s har broken or you just got a bad batch of TYT02’s… :confused:

Verbatim branded YUDEN000-T02 (TG001158) @8x, movie-image burned with DVDDecrypter at stock 1693_KS0B.
Perfect result, note QS99 with BenQ… :bigsmile:

KS0B TYT02 8x.txt (1.26 KB)

same here

Verbatim 8x DVD+R Yuden000T02 work awesome here with KS0B.

Clearly my KS0B has something wrong with it or my drive just had a bad flash. Either way I will stick with KS0A, as my scans look perfect there.

First time I have ever seen this with any drive or firmware. I guess strange stuff like this is what makes life interesting.

Thanks for the feedback.

Well, not being content to leave things alone, I jumped to KC4B and cleared the learning and turned out a great burn on the first try. I have to assume that my flash to KS0B was somehow bad for one or more of the strategies.

Bless those codeguys. This scan is something to be really thankful for. I can’t wait to see what happens after it learns a little.