Liteon 1693 and Prolific 3507 enclosure problems



I have just purchased a Liteon 1693s, and installed it in a external case that has a Prolific chip set PL-3507 (05114c). Windows XP does not detect the drive, USB or Firewire. I have used the case with a DVD Rom and HDD, no problems. I also install the Liteon 1693 in another computer (internal) and it was detected by XP. I have updated the firmware on the PL-3507 to the latest version 2005.01.07.204 . Has anyone had the same problem, or have a fix for me?


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Try using the PL3507-0907B firmware. I had problems with Liteon drive detection when I tried upgrading to later Prolific firmware than this.


I have just tried reflashing with 0907B no good. So I tried 0422B, 1006B, 1109B and 010705B. I confirmed each was loaded ok with the Read Rom. I have the same problem with all of the FW’s. Any other ideas?


make sure the driver is on master. If you can make it master without any other drivers.


I had problems with my firewire/usb2 external box (Oxford chipset) detecting this drive until I changed the short IDE cable out for a standard 18" one. I don’t know if I broke one or more of the wires in the short cable installing the drive or if this drive is just cranky about cable length.


You really need to try the enclosure on another computer. It’s the only way to eliminate the enclosure or the system.

Also I wonder what the 5 and 12 volt supplies are like in the enclosure. :wink:


I have tried the enclosure on another computer. Same result. I also installed an LG 8083 burner and it was detected ok. I will try using a different ide cable, but
if this cable works with a DVD Rom and Hard drive, it should be good.


Drive set to master, changed IDE cable to 18", voltage checked at DVD-Rw 5.34 volts and 12.24 volts. same results.


Set the jumper to CS (cable select) for all drives in external enclosure!!!


I just got my 1693s drive today…

I got the external unit, and Windows XP recognized it right away…

I would have to say that maybe it’s something in or on you enclosure that is causing a conflict between your drive and XP…


Yes, I’m sure it’s a conflict with the firmware in the enclosure and the liteon 1693. Older units work fine, USB and Firewire.

I also did try CS and it made no difference.

Is there anyone using a liteon 1693s in an external enclosure. Pls let me know what type of enclosure you are using or the chip set.


FYI. I returned the Liteon 1693s and picked up a LG GSA-4163B.
Everything works fine, there must be a compatabilite problem with the prolific chip set and the Liteon 1693.


I don’t know about that.

Could be that the external enclosure you bought isn’t supplying enough voltage to the LiteOn burner, some burners require less, the LiteOn & Plextor require the most (from what I’ve read on The big external enclosures thread).

I’m using the newest Prolific chipset on a Bytecc ME-340U2F (pretty aluminum case), and have had the following drives in perfect working order w/ it…

NEC ND-3540A, Plextor PX-716A, LiteOn 1653s & 1693s.

Only prob I was having, is that the burning speed topped out @ 15.93x, but maybe that isn’t such a bad thing, it only added 8-12 seconds to each 16x burn.

The prolific firmware I’m using is “fw ver.2004.12.09.200”


I have a 1693 in a Firewire that uses the Oxford 911 chipset, works just fine on both my Macs (laptop and desktop) and my PC laptop.


Have you ever burned a disc above 8x using Nero CD-DVD Speed create data disc or used read patched firmware and Nero CD-DVD Speed transfer test to read past 8x?


None of my drives will burn above 8X with my Oxford 911 chipsets. They do seem to rip with no problem (same speed as with IDE). I have found that LG, Liteon, NEC, Pioneer, BenQ and Plextor all function.


Never tried it. I just use the firmware you guys release as is…


bill84, I was just thinking about this and I wondered if you knew what version of the firmware was in the 1693S you had?