Liteon 1693 and kprobe scan results - what's going on?



So, I recently got rid of my old LDW-451, because it kept writing crappy discs, sometimes even with quality media like TY. I had scans of TY discs which had average PI of 150+. For scanning I used Kprobe (I think).

Now today I got 1693, popped in the sucky burns that I made with 451 and guess what? Kprobe2 is showing perfect results! I’m talking 2-4 average PIE. I used the default scanning options:

remove the spike
4x speed
8/1 ecc sum

Was the error reporting on my old 451 completely crazy or have Liteon engineers made their drives report less errors with known good media? :slight_smile:

So, what the hell is going on?


Hi OhYeah

Have A Quick Read Of This Post :slight_smile:


Still, to say that 1693 is soooo much better a reader than 451… I don’t know. I’m still a little suspicious, you know. :slight_smile:


why remove the spike?

i say leave it in.


I don’t know, I scanned one Ricoh 2.4x DVD+R media that I wrote ages ago and again - perfect results. PIE average was around 0.3 after 10% of the disc had been scanned. Better than TY!

So what is going on here? I can’t really believe that 1693 is just that much of a good reader. I have discs here that had average PIE around 200-300 with my old 451 and now the averages are around 1-2! The difference is just too drastic… Which one should I trust more, 451 or 1693?

It would be nice if more people in the know (with first hand experience on the matter) would comment the subject.