Liteon 1693(3S), 1635(5S), 165P6(6S), which series is a good reader?

Liteon 1693(3S), 1635(5S), 165P6(6S), now Liteon has 3 different series, which series is a good reader?

At this stage it would appear that the 1693S reads better than the 1635S, especially towards the outer part of the disc. I don’t know about the 6S…

I don’t know about the other model, but I have 1693s and I can say that, it’s pretty good reader. It can read almost every cds/dvds I have, include some discs that my Pioneer 117 refused to read (mostly scratched/bad pressed or copy protection audio cd).


Agree that the 1693s is a good/reliable reader - and so far has not been unable to read through some fairly ‘iffy’ medias-

The BenQ 1640 is also a very good and fast reader like the 1693s (I use both and consider them pertty much equal in reads and speeds)-


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Toying with the idea of getting a LiteOn. Primarily for scanning. The only model locally is the Liteon SHM-165P6S-01C, which doesn’t appear to be listed here. Is it any good?

generally liteons are very good readers, and don’t usually regress in successive generations, so the 165p6s should be a very good reader.

GO For IT It will read anything ! I had disk the BenQ 1640 chocked on and the SHM-165P6S zipped through it like there was no tomorrow.

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Thanks a lot will get it at weekend. :bigsmile:

my 1635 reads a lot btter then my 1653 i realy never had any other dvd readers or burners to compare though

My 165P6S is a bit fussy and I use my 4167B to read difficult discs.

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I use my 1693S primarily for reading/scanning/ripping, and am very pleased with it. :slight_smile: